More than 700 iCafés opt for genuine Microsoft, improve operations

24 Aug

More than 700 Internet cafes are now enjoying the benefits of genuine Microsoft software through the Microsoft iCafé program and customers of these cafes are taking notice.

Launched early this year, the Microsoft iCafé program provides eligible Internet café owners business templates ranging from financial guides to marketing templates as well as metering tools that will help them monitor the usage of their PCs and improve their operations.

Moreover, participating iCafés gain access to secure software, affordable licensing packages and promos, as well as reliable services that drive business and enhance customer experience through the program.

“We are excited to continue to work with the 716 Internet café partners that have joined the program. These cafés have seen a good turn in their businesses through the technical support which makes it so much easier for them to operate their cafés,” said Fortune Magsadia, Genuine Software Initiative Lead, Microsoft Philippines.

“Aside from taking advantage of the marketing tools to grow their business, the partners also enjoy a stress-free environment knowing that they are protected from the threats of using illegal software. This enables them to focus on actually attracting more people to sit in their seats,” Magsadia added.

Izel Barbin, owner of Angelworx Internet Café and a Microsoft authorized reseller, pointed out that the program benefits far exceeded her expectations compared to the investments made. “Most small Internet cafés think that genuine software is an unnecessary expense. However, with the Microsoft iCafé Program, the benefits are worth the investment. I now spend more time promoting my café rather than worrying about the business and security risks of unlicensed software. Microsoft even helps by sharing marketing collaterals,” she said.

By running genuine Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, iCafés give customers the complete computing experience offered by these products.

“Our loyal customer base has definitely grown since we joined the program. We have experienced lesser downtime for our PCs and the customers appreciate the fact that they are either working on documents using the latest tools or surfing the Internet in a much more secure environment as opposed to a café which does not have genuine software,” said Barbin.

The Microsoft iCafé program provides genuine software for cafés at a more affordable price. Windows 7 is now available for only Php3, 299, while Microsoft Office is priced at only Php1, 999. The promotion runs until September 24, 2010.

Magsadia added that because of the ongoing promotion, Microsoft expects to welcome five to 20 new café partners every week.
“As Internet users realize that using genuine software is a much more pleasant experience, they themselves will seek out iCafés capable of providing this. It makes good business sense for cafés to join the program and benefit from it,” said Magsadia.

Join the Microsoft i-Café Program Facebook fan page to connect with other iCafé owners, share best business practices, and win in weekly contests. The page also serves as a direct line of communication for partners to reach Microsoft.

For more information on the Microsoft iCafé Program, including the full list of members, please visit:

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