Globe Business backs Peoplelink

27 Aug

PeopleLink recently signed an agreement with Globe Business for an innovative communications solution that targets the seafaring community in the country. According to PeopleLink President Norman Carcellar, the community requires an effective mobile solution to connect seafarers to their loved ones and to their manning agencies in the Philippines .

“There is a need for a special prepaid family SIM whose expiration date can be extended easily, and if the SIM is lost or damaged, the user should be able to retain the same number,” explained Mr. Carcellar. PeopleLink also needs a solution that is supported by an affordable and flexible platform where messages can be reliably exchanged.

“We are pleased and excited to be partnering with Globe in addressing these requirements by creating the customized PeopleLink SIM. Moving forward, I hope that this partnership will be the start of the many possibilities that Globe and PeopleLink can do together,” said Mr. Carcellar.

Guided by their vision of providing communications solutions to bring people closer to each other, PeopleLink is focused on connectivity and community-building solutions through the use of relevant technologies.

As the business arm of Globe Telecom, Globe Business understands the needs of enterprises such as PeopleLink and provides them with solutions that match their requirements, whether cost efficiency, security, mobility, IT integration and reliable connectivity.

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Posted by on August 27, 2010 in Globe Telecom


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