Jay Bernardo: Helping EntrePinoys Through IT

27 Aug

Jay Bernardo may know a thing or two about how businesses work, but for the Asian Center of Entrepreneurship guru, running a business is not just about gaining profit. He started his career as a production supervisor but is now more popular today for his knack of transforming small businesses into professionally-run organizations.

Seeing an opportunity not only to assist budding Filipino-businessmen but also support the country’s economy, he founded the LET’S GO (Leading Entrepreneurs Towards Seizing Global Opportunities) Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit organization that aims to create more entrepreneurs in the country. He also became involved in “EntrePinoy,” a television show geared to inspire people to start their own business.

These days, Bernardo works closely with the Department of Education and the International Labor Organization in designing and institutionalizing entrepreneurship education in the high school level.

“We Filipinos are very creative and with the right tools and opportunities, I believe that many can start their own business and be good at it,” he said. “By having an entrepreneurial mind-set, more Filipinos can be self-employed and at the same time be able to contribute meaningfully to society,” he added.

During the launch of Windows 7, the most anticipated operating system from Microsoft, Bernardo was tapped to be one of the Windows 7 Icons, a pool of Filipino achievers who also exemplify how technology can help Filipinos be more successful.

“By integrating technology in his lifestyle, Jay accomplishes more tasks and through his work, he empowers more Filipinos. He is a good example of how technology positively transforms lives and this is also why we chose him to be one of the Windows 7 Icons,” said Mae Moreno, Windows Client Product Manager, Microsoft Philippines.

With its enhanced features, Windows 7 delivers on the promise of simplifying the way people use their PC. “I work on a lot of documents and presentations and I bring softcopies of these with me wherever I go so I can always work on them. I discovered the Bit Locker To-Go feature of Windows 7 and I use it frequently to make sure that the confidential data in some of the documents are protected,” he said.

The Windows 7 Icons also participated in the Pay It Forward Campaign by identifying a beneficiary who they believe will greatly benefit from having a Windows 7-powered laptop. Bernardo chose Dr. Lolita Andrada, Director, Bureau of Secondary Education, one of LET’S GO Foundation’s partners.

“Technology broadens learning opportunities and we’re heavily involved in helping institutions integrate IT in education. Through projects like Pay It Forward, we hope to arm the next generation with the tools they need to become globally competitive when they join the workforce,” said Moreno.

“We work with Dr. Andrada in developing an entrepreneurship curriculum and we’re also currently integrating technology in the plans, so it’s great that the Dr. Andrada and the team will now have access to the latest technology – through their own Windows 7 laptop — so they can see and experience for themselves how IT can improve how people run their own businesses. Because of this, we will be able to create a more fitting curriculum on entrepreneurship,” said Bernardo.

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