The HP Thin Client Family offers essential, flexible, mainstream and specialty computing to deliver better business results

27 Aug

Businesses now have a competitive edge through the reliability, performance, and security that they get from the HP Thin Client Family. Offering a centralized data and applications management system with easy deployment, the Thin Client Family offers computing solutions that guarantee better business results.

With less costs incurred when compared with traditional PCs, businesses can immediately reduce their expenses and risks without sacrificing the efficiency of their operations. Employees can even improve their productivity because the Thin Client Family gives an enhanced usability experience regardless of Operating Systems (OS)

The Thin Client Family can be categorized into four series that specifically cater to each business need: The Essential series offers computing solution that best caters to task-oriented workers; the Mainstream series best works for users who require enhanced features like a local browser, media player and mainframe access; the Flexible series is ideal for those who are looking for optimal performance and peripheral flexibility, while the Specialty series best suits those who need higher performance or mobility through an enhanced security.

The Essential Series Thin Clients
Businesses that are looking to execute their tasks more efficiently can go for the HP t5145 and t5325 Thin Clients. As HP’s most affordable and manageable client, the t5145 and t5325 offer highly secure access to traditional server-based computing, HP VDI, blade PCs, and blade workstations. The Essential Series models can even be used in idle mode without exposing the profiles until the user signs in.

The Mainstream Series Thin Clients
Those who need more functionality will find that the HP t5540 with Windows® Embedded CE and t5545 with ThinPro Linux can deliver an advanced desktop experience especially for office applications and line of business software. Most BPOs in the country will find the Mainstream Series ideal for their operations as they allow access to Windows, Citrix, mid-range servers, UNIX/Linux hosts, VDI environments, mainframes, a local web browser, and a media player.

The Flexible Series Thin Clients
A fusion of the flexible performance of a PC and the dependability of a Thin Client is what the technology of HP t5630w, t5740, and t5745 can offer. Users can customize their OS between a customizable Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and Linux, and get an expanded portfolio of features that are ideal to get any business up and running. With the Linux OS, the Flexible Series comes with local application support, full-featured browser, media player and broad peripheral support. Users can even add the integrated enterprise-class wireless and PCI expansion—which are sold separately—to enhance their business computing.

The Specialty Series Thin Clients
For on-the-go businesses that need to operate in a remote network, the Specialty Series offers the HP gt7720 and gt7725 to create a powerful and dynamic workstation. Compared to other traditional Thin Clients, it offers professional graphics performance which enables an excellent remote client experience. Another breakthrough in the Specialty Series is the HP 4410t mobile Thin Client, for it offers the reliable HP mobility coupled with the security assurance of a Thin Client.

Businesses in various industries now have the power to double their efficiency, productivity, and growth with the new computing solutions from the Thin Client Family. The new Thin Client Family is available in HP resellers worldwide.

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