HTC Smart to help poor kids get book-wise

18 Oct

While today’s tech-savvy teenagers can key in 140 characters in just a few seconds on their smartphones to post in Twitter, thousands of other young people—those who are out of school–cannot even properly spell the word “character” by pen and paper.

HTC Philippines, a leader in mobile phone innovation and design, announces the open bidding for three Rhian Ramos limited edition HTC Smart phones, the proceeds of which will be donated to a charitable institution that provides educational and other kinds of assistance to Filipino children and youth.

“HTC has always been a supporter of charitable causes. When we found out about the exemplary work of the Educational Research and Development Assistance Foundation (ERDA) in assisting thousands of poor Filipino children and youth to get educated and learn employable technical skills, we knew we just had to support its advocacy. HTC Smart, our fun-to-use smartphone, is widely used by teenagers, and we thought it is only fitting that the chosen beneficiary of its CSR is an institution that aids the youth,” Mark Sergio, HTC Country Manager, said.

The auction, which will run from October 1 to October 31, 2010 via HTC’s microsite,, features the “Brighter Future” phones, which sport exclusively designed skins with the signature of Ms. Rhian Ramos, the HTC Smart ambassador. The auction will accept bids from all over the country, as HTC wants to maximize its reach in creating a nationwide awareness on the plight of street children, school dropouts and Out-of-School Youth (OSY), all needing some form of assistance.

Features of the 3 limited edition phones

Each exquisitely-styled phone which comes with the full features of HTC Smart will not only be a one-of-kind, eye candy acquisition for the winning bidder, but a means to help more kids become smarter.

The top bidder for each of the phones will get to take home the easy-to-use smartphone with HTC Sense, a proprietary user interface which makes for an intuitive user experience. This mobile has been designed for the mainstream market, but with all the features of a cutting-edge communication device. Its distinctive feature is the FriendStream, which neatly places all of the user’s interactions with his contacts—be it email, text message, or social media update –in one stream under their pictures.

All three limited edition units sport trendy designs that appeal to the young people of today. “They’re just absolutely cool and gorgeous! I thought from the start, when I was allowed to view the designs prior to production, that these HTC smartphones will look awesome. But when I saw the finished units, I just knew that they’re truly fantastic pieces anybody will be honored to acquire. Plus, I’m really proud that the proceeds of this auction will go to a very worthy cause,” Rhian Ramos said.

The white unit is named “Inspiring Brilliance” because of its glittery diamond-shaped design. The design takes inspiration from diamonds-in-the-rough waiting for patient shaping and polishing to give out a brilliant sparkle. Similarly, the less fortunate children’s hidden sparks can shine out brightly with the help of education and proper guidance.

“Spotlights in the Night,” the black unit with swirls of white, has the inspirational symbolism of finding lights of hope amidst the darkness.

Flowing lines characterize the red unit, named “Cascade of Love” for the outpouring of love and support given to children who had gotten used to thinking they had no future to look forward to, but whose lives will be changed thanks to free education.

The microsite will accept bids starting from US$188 beginning in the morning of October 1 and will end Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. 100% of the proceeds will go to ERDA Foundation.

For details on the mechanics of the bidding, please log on to

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