ECI Telecom Brings Versatility to Next-Generation Fiber Access Deployments

25 Nov

ECI Telecom, a global provider of next-generation network solutions, introduced today a new addition to its access portfolio – the end-to-end 1Net fiber access solution, featuring a next-generation integrated OLT (I-OLT) platform. The I-OLT offers service providers a field proven, highly versatile fiber migration solution, allowing them the flexibility to choose any service mix over any FTTx architecture as they evolve or build their access networks.


– ECI launches a comprehensive fiber access solution for any FTTx architecture and optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), supporting GPON, active Ethernet (point-to-point), and full traffic aggregation capabilities – all from one single platform

– The I-OLT, a member of the Hi-FOCuS™ family, is being deployed by a number of operators including Openreach, part of the BT Group. The Hi-FOCuS family presents an end-to-end fixed-access solution for all copper and fiber deployment scenarios

– The highly versatile platform reduces financial and technological risks, through a common solution for both residential and business applications

– The high density interface cards offer investment protection, by enabling “deploy-as-you-grow” capacity according to customers’ evolving access needs

– The unique ‘Open Access’ features minimize complexity, by complying with any business or regulatory scenario, enabling operators to wholesale services to multiple service providers

Fiber access infrastructure is a ‘must’ for service providers to effectively compete in an environment of advanced high-bandwidth services and applications. These require service providers to adopt network infrastructure solutions driven by three key parameters – high performance infrastructure, future-proof design and minimal capital and operating expenses (optimized TCO). ECI’s fiber access solution, featuring the I-OLT, excels across these considerations, through a consultative approach to tailor the best solution for each service provider’s ever-changing access needs:

– State of the art high-performance infrastructure – ECI’s fiber access solution enables truly versatile access deployment options, catering to any mix of FTTx architecture, flexibly supporting GPON, active Ethernet/point-to-point, and full traffic aggregation capabilities – all from one single platform. The solution allows flexible slot assignment so that the service mix offered by the access network is adaptable to customer requirements – whether residential, business, wholesale or wireless backhaul.

– Robust, Future-Proof Design – ECI’s fiber access solution is designed to accommodate the constantly growing capacity requirements of access networks, adhering to current and future GPON standards. With a robust and hardened solution for remote cabinets, ECI’s 1Net Hi-FOCuS access solution meets the most stringent operators’ demands for FTTC and FTTH deployments.

– Optimized TCO – The I-OLT’s multiservice and aggregation capabilities minimize the number of nodes and elements required in the network, leveraging existing copper islands for any FTTx deployment. With full backward compatibility, the I-OLT is operationally compatible with all of ECI’s 1Net Hi-FOCuS access solutions. The Hi-FOCuS family offers a unified management system for both copper and fiber deployments, allowing for local or remote provisioning, configuration and control, thus reducing complexities and operational costs.

Expert Perspectives:

“Every telco out there knows that if they want to stay in the wireline business, they need to shift from copper to fiber. But that won’t happen overnight, even if they are committed. So they’re facing the prospect of operating a network built with different coexisting access architectures. In order to operate that shift without increasing their operating costs, they need versatile access and aggregation platforms that will allow them to implement different choices in their access networks fast and efficiently.”

Benoît Felten, Director, Yankee Group

“ECI’s 1Net fiber access solution provides our customers with the necessary versatility to address their individual requirements for next-generation access. Whether GPON, point-to-point, residential or business, ECI’s field-proven fiber solution supports our customers’ all business and regulatory models for maximum flexibility and lowest TCO.”

Dror Gonen, Head of ECI Telecom’s Access Line of Business

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