Schneider Electric solution for the Oil and Gas industry

28 Nov

An extensive and long-term expertise
With extensive and long-term experience and expertise in the Oil and Gas industry, Schneider Electric provides customized solutions which are safe and reliable .and provide continuously high levels of productivity. For the user this means reduction in both CAPEX and OPEX together with increased reliability of energy supply and control, even in hazardous areas. Schneider Electric is showcasing new and innovative solutions to serve customers in the Oil and Gas industry to meet demand for increased energy efficiency throughout operations.

Digital Oil Field
Schneider Electric’s Digital Oil Field solution aims at making an oil field as productive and efficient as possible by reducing electrical and mechanical stress on machinery and anticipating any possible issue that could affect production while meeting customer requirements for integrated, scalable information and control technologies.

This solution maximizes productivity, reliability, security and is focused on three primary concerns:
– Extending machine life by using the adapted electrical control and protection device to avoid mechanical and electrical stress.
– Anticipating events by collecting precise information regarding machine operating states and historical data, to be able to predict performance and take action to minimize losses. Anticipation reduces production downtime and maintenance costs.

– Optimizing pumping based on online data and controller intelligence to adjust pump’s operating parameters, such as speed, time, and torque, to reach the best production performance.

The size of oil fields, the range of installed products, and the number of pumping and control points determine the complexity of oil production field monitoring systems. The heart of a monitoring system is the SCADA system. This gives a “big picture” overview of all the oil field activities and allows the operator to know what is happening in the entire installation from a single control centre.

This control room is where the Process SCADA system (Vijeo Citect) collects information provided by Remote Terminal Units (RTU) in the field and allows monitoring and control of the wells, the electrical distribution networks, and all the different parts of the process. All this information helps keep the oil field fully operational, anticipating the events and sharing the relevant information with other areas of the oilfield.

Several solutions based on Schneider Electric equipment have been installed for more than 9 years with excellent results. Variable Speed drives, soft and direct starters include specific functions for any kind of pumping application, including the ENergy Adaptation (ENA) system to manage unbalanced loads for onshore pump jacks and torque limitors for Progressive Cavity Pumps.

Integral Pipeline Management Solution
Schneider Electric’s scalable, proven and flexible architecture is based on leading SCADA, Programmable Logic Controller & RTU offers. Field instrumentation, measurement, information technology, pipeline modelling, and telecommunications components, are coupled with and Schneider Electric Project & Engineering services and pipeline industry expertise, are also coupled to provide an integrated pipeline management solution.

> Control Centres: This solution consists of SCADA platform, with redundancy and a suite of applications for pipeline management (such as leak-detection systems and cathodic protection monitoring), pipeline energy management, measurement integration, and decision support. Full integration of Power SCADA & Monitoring with Integral security applications is achieved at the SCADA centre.

> Pump or compressor station: This solution includes the leading Programmable Logic Controller platform, available in hot stand-by configuration, supported by suite of control strategies, plus platforms for local device integration, Human Machine Interface/operator interface, drive systems, cameras/Close Circuit Television and access control (providing integral security to the installation), and wide-area network communications. The Electrical Distribution Switchgear for Medium Voltage & Low Voltage, power monitoring & control equipment, harmonics filtering, and Uninterruptible Power Supply system all ensure the energy availability, uptime, reliability and Energy Management functions to provide reliable operations.

> Meter station: High performance metering system for the specific application (from orifice, turbine, or ultrasonic for gas or positive displacement, turbine, mass flow for liquids). Programmable Logic Controller and RTUs/Electronic Flow
Measurement devices interface with the meter and perform industry standard (AGA, API) flow calculation algorithms. The metering station data is then integrated in our information validation and metering application providing a measurement solution that ensures accuracy and reliability for fiscal and custody transfer.

> Block Valve stations: RTUs interface with field instruments (temperature pressure and flow) and provide block valve and actuator status control and communications to the SCADA systems.

Schneider Electric ensures safety, reliability and uptime to the longest pipeline in China. The 4,000 km long pipeline transports natural gas from Xianjiang, West China to Shanghai, East China. It is controlled through a central SCADA system monitoring compressor and block valve stations along the pipeline with Schneider Electrical Programmable Logic Controller and RTUs. The Schneider Electric solution enables all these services in a ”all-in-one” network and automatic data transfer from primary to standby Programmable Logic Controllers without any specific configuration. This redundant architecture meets the requirement of 24/7 system operation to ensure pipeline safety and integrity.

Energy Management and Control Solution (EMCS)
The Schneider Electric solution meets customer requirements for an open, scalable and extendable Energy Management and Control Solution which is characterised by ease of use. Fully compliant with IEC61850 includes advanced electrical network modelling on dynamic basis, high levels of reliability and fast recovery with high speed intelligent load shedding features, secure and fast decision–making and built-in training modules.

With an Enterprise Resource Planning rise Energy Manager, Schneider Electric is able to integrate existing databases (energy management and process data) and automatically update performance summaries, providing up-to-date views of analysed data and making the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures more transparent to the user.

Schneider Electric experts are trained to improve Energy Efficiency in large sites and conduct energy quality studies, electrical system optimization and solutions to help extend the useful life and reliability of equipment and assets, to reduce commissioning time, and to provide load flow and voltage profile studies, short circuit calculations and protection analysis.

E-house Onshore/Offshore
Schneider Electric offers pre-tested solutions saving time and space. Our primary concern is to help customers make the most of their energy with a clear focus on efficiency, communication, and maintenance.

Our electrical house system, “E- House”, for power distribution, contains all the necessary Medium Voltage and Low Voltage equipment. All electrical parts are pre-tested and set in a prefabricated technical modular room integrating control and safety systems to monitor electrical processes.

Integral Security Solution for the safety of personnel and assets
Schneider Electric offers cost-effective solutions to protect against intrusions, terrorism, theft, leakages, and secure fluid containments, to avoid potential injuries either due to human error or incorrect operation.

Our security experts provide an open, high-performing and integrated security solution from video monitoring to access control, intrusion detection and Close Circuit Television system customized to specific requirements based on:

> End to end engineering feasibility studies for security

> High performance Close Circuit Television integrating specialized cameras applications such as explosion-proof and thermal cameras

> Integrated plant-wide security—perimeter, gate, parking, process Control—flare and process monitoring

> Hazardous area coverage for worker safety.

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