Independent research firm deems Internet Explorer 9 as most secure browser

17 Dec

Independent information security research and testing organization NSS Labs recently released a report demonstrating the progress made by Internet Explorer against socially-engineered malware. According to the report, Internet Explorer leads the industry in protecting users against malware with Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) blocking 99-percent and Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) blocking 90-percent.

Moreover, Internet Explorer, which has blocked over 1.2 billion malware and fishing attacks, blocks almost five times more malware threats than Firefox, nine times more than Safari, and 33 times more than Chrome.

Microsoft strengthens its fight against online threats and IE9 continues to be the most trusted browser equipped with a robust set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies that keep customers safer online.

“Web browsing is the most common activity on the PC, so our top priority is ensuring that people have a safer and more trusted browsing experience through Internet Explorer,” said Mae Moreno, Windows Client Product Manager, Microsoft Philippines. “With Internet Explorer 9, users can gain control of a fast, clean, and graphically-enriched Web browsing, without having to worry about online and security threats.”

Malware creators exploit users’ tendency to trust links received from friends, tapping into this resource to shut down the computer or steal an individual’s identity. Attackers are looking to take advantage of contacts and personal relationships, relying on user actions rather than software vulnerabilities to harm people. These attacks are known as socially-engineered malware attacks and have been increasing in number over the years.

Available through, the NSS Labs report reveals how Internet Explorer offers the best protection against socially-engineered malware.

According to NSS Labs, “with a unique URL blocking score of 94% and over-time protection rating of 99%, IE9 was by far the best at protecting users against socially-engineered malware.”

NSS Labs research shows that IE9 is capable of either blocking or warning against 99% of socially-engineered malware. To illustrate the findings, the graph below compares the protection offered by various browsers against socially engineered malware attacks, as well as highlights that IE9 is the leading browser with the highest block rate and best protection against malware.

“We introduced a set of reliable technologies in IE8 and improved these in IE9 to make the browser safer for customers. The enhanced features help users be on alert when they encounter potentially harmful content,” added Moreno.

The award winning Internet Explorer leads the industry in providing protection from socially engineered attacks through its SmartScreen filter. Building on the security features of its previous version, IE9 provides the first Download Manager with integrated SmartScreen malware protection and introduces SmartScreen download reputation, a groundbreaking browser feature that uses reputation data to remove unnecessary warnings for well-known files, and show more severe warnings when the download has a higher risk of being malicious.

Users today are often conditioned to ignore generic warnings that are shown for every download. Other browsers show the same warning whether a file is an extremely common program or a piece of malware created literally minutes ago. However, IE9 is the only browser that uses download reputation to help users make safety decisions.

This technology helps protect Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 Beta customers by detecting and blocking websites that distribute socially engineered malware and phishing attacks.

IE9 transforms the capabilities of the Web and as such, Microsoft enables users to experience a wave of compelling, immersive websites and applications compromising users’ security and privacy. Since its launch in September, IE9 Beta has received over 10 million downloads in its first six weeks only.

For more information on the features and benefits of Internet Explorer 9, visit, and enjoy a more beautiful and more trusted Web by downloading IE9 Beta.

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