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Diverse Cable Systems Achieve Business Continuity

Having a solid Business Continuity Program in place to ensure quick crisis recovery and its investment in various submarine cable systems enables Globe to provide redundant and reliable connections to customers, especially enterprise clients who account for the bulk of international traffic. Network resiliency is critical to large industries to ensure uninterrupted operations and 24×7 connectivity.

Among the latest cable links of Globe are the Unity Cable System that was activated in the third quarter of last year and the Tata Global Network-Intra Asia Cable System (TGN-IA) that started serving enterprise customers in 2009. The Unity Cable System is a Trans-Pacific cable that runs a span of 9,620 kilometers between Japan and the US. It has one of the lowest latencies across the Pacific and provides direct connections for internet traffic between Asia and the U.S. It has 960Gbps or a total of 96 10G wavelengths capacity making more bandwidth available to businesses.
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