LTE technology to grow 3400% in the next 4 years

28 Jun

A study by market research and analysis firm In-Stat ( reveals that Long Term Evolution (LTE) is poised for a 3400% growth by 2015. The report states that in 4 years’ time, LTE would have successfully taken the crown from 3G as the most dominant mobile network technology around the world as 4G hardware and services become more accessible.

According to the report’s author Chris Kissel, “3G will remain the predominant service subscription, also with robust growth, but over the next five years things will trend toward LTE as 4G service availability is ramped up.”

Similarly, 2G will still play a significant part in the industry during the said transition period as it is seen to peak worldwide some time next year.

Devices on the rise

In a related study by the US General Services Administration (GSA), the number of LTE-enabled devices from various manufacturers has increased 40% in the past 3 months. From 98 devices in March 2011, the tally now stands at 137 with routers and personal hotspots posting the biggest jump with 17 new offerings.

The device count is as follows: modules 27 (up from 22), tablets 8 (up from 7), notebooks / netbooks 7 (up from 6), PC Cards -2 (up from 1), smartphones – 9 (up from 6), routers and personal hotspots – 45 (up from 28), USB modems/dongles – 39 (up from 28).

A pioneer in Southeast Asia

The same report by the US GSA, states that 154 operators from over 60 countries are committed to deploy LTE commercially. It also mentioned, that the Philippines, via leading wireless services provider Smart Communications. Inc, (Smart) is among the first in Southeast Asia to have a working LTE network.

“This is certainly good news” said PLDT and Smart Technology Group head Rolando G. Peña . “It shows that Smart is in line with the direction of the industry globally and that we have indeed brought in the most future-proof technology available—one that Filipinos more than deserve.”

LTE for all

On June 14, 2011, Smart conducted the first public demo of LTE technology to the nation’s capital during the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.’s (PLDT) Annual Stockholders’ Meeting. PLDT is the parent company of Smart.

Live tests confirmed that the new network is capable of download speeds of up to 50 megabits per second making it ideal for high definition media streaming and seamless access to cloud-based services and applications.

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