D-Link announces development of Femtocell solutions based upon Qualcomm’s FSM Chipset

30 Jun

D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers, businesses, and service providers, today announced the development of UMTS femtocells using Qualcomm’s new FSM™ integrated system-on-a-chip. These new femtocells will take advantage of the integration on the FSM that allows for low cost residential and high performance enterprise access points.

With the demand for mobile data rising, femtocells placed in public and private locations will provide extra capacity and an exceptional user experience. In addition, operators can take advantage of new revenue opportunities, such as location based services, content pushing, synchronization and streaming services and presence triggering.

“As consumers continue to do more and more with their handsets, operators are experiencing increased pressure for solutions to provide additional capacity and coverage for macro cellular networks,” said Kevin Wen, President of D-Link Europe. “To address this, D-Link is very excited to be developing femtocells based on the Qualcomm Femtocell Station Modem.”

The agreement between D-Link and Qualcomm will enable operators to offer high-quality 3G and mobile service across home, work and urban femtocell access points, providing excellent support for both voice and data services on mobile devices. By integrating multiple functions into a single FSM chipset, future products will also combine the functions of multiple pieces of hardware into one device.

“We were looking for a technology partner that could deliver a highly-integrated, high-performance solution that would enable a quick time to market,” continued Kevin Wen. “Qualcomm’s FSM solution is the clear leader in this space.”

With the ability to offer extra capacity on its macro cellular networks, operators providing service through femtocells will also be able to take advantage of new revenue opportunities like location-based services, content delivery, synchronisation and streaming services, and presence triggering.

“The FSM platform integrates baseband, RF, Network Listen, GPS and application processors into a single device,” said Ed Knapp, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Engineering for Qualcomm. “Because of this tight integration, we significantly reduce the hardware footprint and enable companies such as D-Link to deliver compact, power efficient and cost-effective femtocell products to the market.”

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