Anxa helps Filipinos live better, healthier lives through Microsoft technology

05 Jul, an online coaching and community management company for well-being resources that focuses on well-being and self-improvement, has recently deployed Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. This will help the organization to more efficiently address health and wellness concerns of individuals, groups and companies all over the world to ensure that they receive the right kind of information, motivation and community support to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. began by offering online services such as personal and career development tests and quizzes with the main business objective of engaging millions of online users in an automated manner yet retaining a highly personalized feel. Over the years, the company saw that its customers wanted more and more personalization and real human interaction, and eventually decided to expand its online services to include personalized coaching.

A large amount of user data is gathered by profiling the visitors who access their online sites. Users are asked to complete a series of personal questions and provide background data regarding their needs and concerns. Anxa had various database servers connected to web servers, and they also had other data mounted on other platforms, which made it difficult for the company to efficiently manage its information database and avoid system downtime. Anxa relied on proprietary and native reporting tools of different business systems to pull out information and trends which could result in long wait times to obtain relevant reports.

While Anxa has been operating on the Microsoft platform from the onset, the company considered upgrading its IT infrastructure to keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of technology and efficiently meet the demands of its clientele.

The company needed the right set of tools to facilitate more efficient customer servicing with an integrated IT infrastructure, and Anxa found that Microsoft has the exact solution to address these requirements. They engaged dB Wizards, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in providing world-class solutions and services, to build a flexible, high-availability infrastructure that would help Anxa understand its clients and ultimately provide them with better products and services.

The project began with the deployment of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 R2, a complete set of enterprise-ready tools designed to help users derive the most value from information. It is a business intelligence tool that allows Anxa to consolidate its archive of information, simplify client profiling, and strengthen business continuity by gaining valuable insights from its database.

“Technology plays a crucial role in every industry and we at Anxa believe that choosing Microsoft as our partner to take on this endeavor was a natural choice, considering that Microsoft is a market leader with huge global reach and exceptional international knowledge to help us achieve our objectives,” said Matthew Edmunds, Vice President for Marketing Operations at Anxa.

“Microsoft database management solutions provide enterprises with mission-critical functionality and reliability. By migrating to SQL 2008 R2, Anxa is now equipped with an optimized business intelligence platform which allows them to manage huge amounts of information, increase speed of time-to-market, produce comprehensive reports, as well as gain significant insights about the needs of the market,” said Tovia Va’aelua, Server and Tools Business Group Lead, Microsoft Philippines.

“We are fully committed to help Anxa maximize its archive of information to ensure that the company stays in line with its business objectives – which is further self-improvement in the local market,” added Va’aelua.

Since the company has already been using Microsoft technologies, it was easier for Anxa to leverage on the foundation to build a stable data warehousing infrastructure in order to centralize all information gathered from its own websites and from various 3rd party solutions and gain a better understanding of the complete life cycle of their customers and prospects.

Since the implementation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Anxa has vastly improved the reliability of its infrastructure which greatly benefitted the company as a whole. Deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 has enabled Anxa employees to easily determine business trends such as user demographics, most visited web pages, most popular packages and whether or not users click on advertisements. With this, Anxa is taking advantage of the capability to listen to its customers and identify their needs. Anxa now utilizes this information in developing personalized products and services in a much faster and more accurate manner.

“We are very pleased with the installation and deployment of our data warehouse simply because we now have a much more complete picture of our user behaviour, and more importantly, we can run custom reports and extract the exact information we need in 1/10th of the time that it may have previously taken. Microsoft and dB Wizards have helped us to establish an efficient data mining strategy, create a high-availability environment and improve responsiveness, which allow us to build appropriate offers to meet the specific needs of the market,” concluded Edmunds.

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