Caltex Celebrates Diamond Birthday at Hospicio de San Jose

07 Jul

July 2 marked the 75th birthday of global iconic brand Caltex™, an occasion celebrated by former, retired, and current employees of Chevron Philippines Inc (CPI), marketer of the Caltex brand, with the elderly residents of Hospicio de San Jose in Manila.

In keeping with the diamond milestone, at least 75 CPI volunteers visited the Hospicio and partner with elders who were serenaded by the Caltex Chorale. Gift donations of items needed by residents also took place. The event is just one of the many activities CPI has lined up for the communities it cares for in connection with Caltex’s 75th Anniversary.

“Caltex finds it fitting to first celebrate its 75th birthday with our mature stakholders such as the elderly residents of Hospicio de San Jose because these people have witnessed and can attest to the commitment of the Caltex brand of fuelling the country’s economic growth,” Veronica Pangilinan, Caltex brand manager said.

“This celebration also fosters the spirit of volunteerism among Caltex employees, past and present.” adds Raissa Bautista, CPI Manager for Policy, Government & Public Affairs. “Volunteerism is a trait cultivated within every employee through various diversity activities such as this birthday bash with the elderly. To celebrate a milestone while cheering up our senior folks makes this a more meaningful celebration.”

Also present at the event were two former Caltex brand ambassadors and Caltex beauty queens who volunteered their time to once again get involved in a Caltex community engagement.

“As far as I can remember, Caltex has always had that social concern. They run a nationwide business but at the same time Caltex always had community projects such as spelling bee and share-a-toy. Social concern is really ingrained in Caltex,” says Elsa Payumo, Miss Caltex 1963.

Miss Caltex 1969 Amy Castillo Lopez adds, “I represented Caltex in many community projects across the country during my time, so it really feels good to be invited here and I was able to give a few moments of care for my adopted lola.”

The visit to Hospicio de San Jose was organized by the CPI Women’s Network, an affinity group within the company composed largely of female workers which help improve communication among employees and cultivates links with communities where the Caltex brand is present.

Caltex was born from the merger of two companies 75 years ago. Standard Oil Co. of California (SoCal, later Chevron) with its Middle East oil resources combined with Texas Co (later Texaco) which had marketing outlets in Africa, Asia, and Australasia.

Caltex emerged as one of the world’s truly global companies after WWII. The company demonstrated a particular knack for partnership, cooperation, customer focus, local decision-making, and the ability to transcend political, geographic, and cultural differences.

Caltex was one of the first global firms that brought world-class best practices and products to the Philippines when it opened shop in Binondo, Manila.

In 1954, Pres. Ramon Magsasay inaugurated the Caltex Refinery in San Pascual, Batangas, the country’s first oil refinery. By 1962, Caltex was already supplying 50% of the national consumption for petroleum products.

Today, CPI has more than 850 Caltex service stations selling a range of petroleum products, including Caltex with Techron® gasoline and Caltex Diesel with Techron D® and kerosene. Chevron also markets Caltex Havoline® and Delo® engine oils, along with other lubricants.

For the past 75 years, Caltex has withstood the test of time, and CPI assures that despite changes to come in the future, the commitment of the Caltex brand to the Philippines will remain the same.

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    July 19, 2011 at 9:51 am

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