21 Jul

In-store Digital Display International Inc. (IDDI’s) lifeblood is in the ads it shows on 800 screens in 180 shops nationwide. IDDI, a narrowcasting company operating a network of digital flat screens in various point of sale locations.

“We have a targeted approach when it comes to delivering messages to specific audiences at point of purchase– making the ads we show more efficient and effective”, IDDI president and CEO Emanuel “Bingo” Soriano Jr. says.

IDDI’s IT infrastructure allows advertisers to communicate to consumers right at the moment of purchase when they are more receptive to suggestions. The digital content shown on the screens is managed centrally and uploaded through the internet to display systems in Rustan’s, Shopwise, SM Hypermart, Watson’s and other retail shops.

A display screen in a convenience store in Central Luzon is not likely to have the same content as the screens found in posh department stores in the business districts of Makati or Fort Bonifactio at a given time. The files they send to the stores can be as small as 128 KB but some are as big as 800 MB.

Key to its operations is internet connectivity and IDDI taps into all the internet service providers.

“We’ve been using wi-tribe since late last year. So far, our wi-tribe units are one of the more stable ones in terms of reliability,” Mr. Soriano relates.

IDDI’s server records the success of each internet service provider in terms of sending the files to the stores in various locations and management examines the connectivity success rate every Monday.

On the average, IDDI’s other internet service providers have a fail rate of 15 percent that translates to a success rate of just 85 percent. IDDI’s wi-tribe units have a higher success rate of over 90 percent.

“We’re looking to add more,” Mr Soriano says of their wi-tribe connection. “They’re unlimited and its 4G internet.”

IDDI’s partnership with wi-tribe started just this month, with wi-tribe providing the former with internet connectivity and the latter providing the former advertising on select locations.

“The partnership is a perfect fit. We can increase our exposure to our target market while IDDI gets to avail of the best wimax technology through wi-tribe,” says wi-tribe corporate sales head Henry Andrew Abes. “The number one advantage of wimax technology is its portability. Another advantage is reliability as wi-tribe makes use of pure 4G technology. I think we are the first in the industry to cater to the corporate market using 4G wimax.”

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