D-Link broadens cost effective high-performance unified networking solutions for SMEs

15 Aug

D-Link, one of the world’s largest suppliers of network products, today broadened its selection of scalable switching solutions, providing an exceptional portfolio for small and medium‑sized businesses. The D‑Link DGS‑6604 chassis‑based switch, DGS‑3620 and DGS‑3120 xStack series switches deliver superior performance, 10‑Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) aggregation, and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support with the flexibility of D‑Link’s standards‑based architectures. These cost effective switches enable businesses to future proof their networks with field‑proven IPv6 capabilities, high availability for mission critical applications, enhanced security, and simplified management.

Scalable network solutions that work in multi-vendor IT infrastructures
The DGS‑6604 chassis‑based switch, DGS‑3620 and DGS‑3120 xStack series switches offer scalability, reliability, performance, and lower initial and ongoing costs to small and medium‑sized businesses. This enables such businesses to take advantage of these affordable networking solutions in multi‑vendor IT infrastructures without being locked into proprietary hardware, software or service requirements.

“As data‑rich applications and bandwidth demands continue to grow, businesses require affordable switches in a choice of stacking or chassis‑based configurations. Switches must also offer IPv6 compatibility, deliver high‑performance, availability and offer seamless integration with other network components,” said Desmond Toh, Marketing Director, D-Link International Pte Ltd. “According to Gartner, D‑Link is the number one provider of Ethernet ports shipped to small enterprises and the number two provider of Ethernet ports shipped to enterprises worldwide1. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering networking solutions with the right features and capabilities that our customers need.”

Future proof with IPv6 compatibility
The DGS‑6604, DGS‑3620 and DGS‑3120 series switches go beyond IPv6 certification. D‑Link’s field proven interoperability with IPv6 expertise future proofs networks for the next phase of the Internet, and provides new capabilities that can simplify network operations. Beyond passing the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase II test criteria – which expands the “core IPv6 protocols” test coverage to approximately 450 tests including new test categories, and verification of optimum compliance – D‑Link already has multiple customers running production IPv6 networks. D‑Link IPv6 support includes IPv6 Tunnel, ICMPv6, IPv6 Neighbor Discovery, DHCPv6, RIPng, and OSPFv3.

The DGS‑6604 is a cost effective chassis‑based solution, ideal for environments that require high availability of network applications. Its flexible modular architecture enables simple, cost‑effective future expansion based on a high speed switch fabric with capacity of up to 576 Gbps and system performance of up to 428 Mpps.

The DGS‑3620 xStack series offers an alternative to the chassis form factor with switches that deliver next generation Layer 3 features. Up to four dual‑purpose uplink/stacking 10GE SFP+ ports allow flexible creation of the appropriate networking architecture for a variety of core applications. The four 10GE ports can be aggregated to allow a maximum 40Gbps backbone bandwidth. In addition, the DGS‑3620 series supports physical and virtual stacking with other D‑Link switches, providing the simplicity of Single IP management. These switches also provide IPv6 support, QoS and Multi‑Layer ACL filtering, packet routing and protocol filtering/inspection.

The DGS‑3120 xStack series are enhanced Layer 2 stackable switches that are capable of delivering a cost effective solution with simple management, while featuring an advanced capability set for edge applications. The DGS‑3120 series delivers PoE support for increased power and cost efficiency, and offers both Standard Image (SI) and Enhanced Image (EI) software platforms. The SI includes advanced QoS, traffic shaping and L2 multicasting, while the EI supports Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), Double VLAN, Ethernet OAM and IPv6 features.

The D-Link DGS‑6604 chassis‑based switch, DGS‑3620 and DGS‑3120 xStack series switches are expected to be available in the Philippines in quarter three 2011.

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