Tattoo At Home: Your need, Your speed

22 Aug

Are you a night owl who goes on online adventures when half the city is already asleep?

Or are you one who camps on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with your friends from late evening till past midnight?

Or, perhaps you go online more during the day, downloading your favorite music and videos in the hours around lunch break?

Now, depending on your need for speed, Globe Tattoo at-Home has the perfect solution with its newest customizable plans that come with a speed boost of up to 1Mbps when you need it most.

It’s easy. A subscriber chooses either Tattoo Wimax or DSL, chooses the base plan that would suit his everyday needs, and then choose the speed boost add-on that he wants for that extra speed during the day, night, or the wee hours of the morning.

“Tattoo is first in the industry to introduce customizable broadband service that provides the subscribers with what they need at any time of the day. Globe knows that customers have unique internet needs for the home and a one-size-fits-all approach is just not good enough for our customers,“ explains Jurist Gamban, head for Globe Tattoo’s At-Home Broadband.

Under the customizable Wimax service, customers may choose from either Internet only (Plans 795 and 995) or Internet plus Landline (Plans 995 and 1295).

For DSL plans, subscribers may opt for either Internet only (Plans 995 and 1295) or Internet plus Landline (Plans 1995 and 2295).

Customers can then add a speed boost of up to 1 Mbps at night (10 pm-2 am) or during the day (10 am-2 pm). The insomniac speed boost (2 am-6 am) is also available. Add-on speed boosts are a real value for money, ranging from just P150 to P250 per month, with no lock-in period.

And what can one do with an additional 1Mbps speed boost? “On top of our already fast and reliable Tattoo DSL and WX plans, an additional 1 Mbps boost will enable an even better broadband experience. Standard web pages will load within 5 seconds per click, a 500KB photo will download within approximately 10 seconds, and a 4MB music file will do so in approximately 40 seconds,” Gamban shares.

Gamban adds, “If a subscriber’s needs change, they can easily change your speed boost plan on the following month. Or, if they decide that they do not need the speed boost anymore and their basic plan will suffice, they can always opt out any time since the speed boosts have no lock-in period.

The speed boost is initially available only for WiMax subscribers. But it will soon be available to DSL subscribers as well.

Aside from adding speed boost, subscribers can also customize their Tattoo At Home plans with Landline Voice add-ons and with devices. They can choose from useful features such as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-way Calling or Caller ID. These services are available for an additional charge that starts at P55 per month.

“With Call Waiting, the subscriber may receive calls while he is till engaged in a conversation with another caller. With Call Forwarding, the call is diverted from a landline to either a mobile phone or another landline phone, enabling the subscriber to be reached wherever he chooses. Three-way Calling enables the subscriber to engage in a group conversation using only one landline phone while Caller ID allows the subscriber to see first the caller’s telephone number before answering any calls,” Gamban explains.

With a device add-on, a Tattoo WiFi router, Tattoo DSL subscribers can have a home WiFi network where the whole family can connect to the internet all at the same time. Subscribers can use their WiFi-enabled PCs, laptops, and even smartphones. The Tattoo WiFi router comes free for Tattoo DSL 2 and 3 Mbps plans. For other plans, subscribers can get the add-on for a low rental of P350 for just 3 months.

“We are proud to extend Globe’s vision of customizable plans to broadband, starting with Tattoo At Home. And we are just getting started,” Gamban states.

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