Smart Bro prepaid load now available via mobile banking

25 Aug

Broadband subscribers of wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and its subsidiary Smart Broadband, Inc. now have a more convenient way to buy load for their prepaid Smart Bro Plug-It, through Smart’s Mobile Banking Service (MBS).

Smart’s MBS offers bank customers the convenience of doing a wide range of bank transactions such as balance inquiry, fund transfer, bills payments, Smart Money Reloading, and prepaid reloading through their cellphone. It is offered by the telco leader in partnership with the country’s biggest banks and bank networks.

Prepaid reloading via Smart’s MBS previously only offered load for Smart Buddy and Talk ‘N Text. With now over a million prepaid Smart Bro subscribers in the country, Smart has expanded its MBS by making Smart Bro load also available through the channel.

“We continue to have bright prospects for mobile banking in the Philippines. This MBS expansion strengthens
our commitment to provide the relevant mobile infrastructure to our partner banks, while making the process of loading a lot easier for our broadband subscribers,” said Tricia V. Dizon, head of Financial Services at Smart.

The service is open to all Smart mobile subscribers whose current or savings account in BancNet members Allied Bank, Asia United Bank, Chinatrust, City State Savings Bank, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), Security Bank, and Sterling Bank of Asia, as well as in BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO) and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is enrolled in MBS.

Those already previously using MBS via their Smart cellphone simply need to check if their menu has been
updated by Smart, for free, over the air. Subscribers may also choose to manually update their MBS menu by
sending MBUPDATE to 343 for only P2.50.

An updated menu follows the sequence: first select the ‘Smart Menu’, then select ‘Smart Money’ followed by selecting ‘Mobile Banking’. Select ‘Reload Prepaid’, then lastly, select ‘Smart Bro’.

To purchase Smart Bro load via MBS, simply follow the said sequence until the Smart Bro number, the chosen
denomination, and the secure M-PIN are asked for. Available denominations are P30, P60, P100, P200, P300,
P500, and P1000. Payment for the Smart Bro load will then be securely debited from the Smart subscriber’s
savings or current bank account.

Smart subscribers that have yet to activate MBS on their cellphone may also visit for the specific procedure required by their bank for mobile banking. More information on the convenience offered by Smart’s MBS and other financial services are available at the same site.

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