Family viewing is best with Samsung’s Smart TV

10 Oct

With ever-evolving technology continuously changing the face of entertainment, staying at home and logging in precious time with the family makes more and more sense nowadays—especially with the Samsung LED 8000 Smart TV. The sophisticated design and innovative technology lets users personalize their entertainment with its intelligent features.

Built-in entertainment
Use the Samsung Smart Hub to easily share videos, photos, and music or find Samsung TV Apps each family member can enjoy!

Stunning quality Get crystal clarity and high definition pictures with the cleanest whites, the darkest blacks, and the most colorful brights with the MicroDimming technology.

Sleek design An ultra-slim bezel frames Samsung’s excellent picture quality perfectly, its minimalistic design perfect for modern living.

At-home experience Enjoy enhanced pictures and sounds with Samsung’s 3D Sound Effect and 3D HyperReal Engine.

The Samsung Smart TV boasts of an integrated entertainment system, understandable, uncompromised quality, and an at-home experience like no other. Now, watching each others’ favorite movies, hosting sleepovers for the kids, or catching up with relatives on social networking sites can now be enjoyed in one sleek package.

Daphne Oseña-Paez, renowned television personality and entrepreneur, along with her husband, Patrick Paez, journalist and television news executive, and their three daughters Sophia, 8, Lily, 5, and Stella, 2, are testament to this.

Spend quality time like never before
“It has become another way of bonding for us,” she says. “We like cuddling in bed with our three girls, just watching TV.”

From morning cartoons to Taylor Swift videos on YouTube, TV viewing with the Samsung Smart TV has definitely enriched the quality of entertainment the Paezes enjoyed.

“We like the ease in which you can shift from television to web to disc—even karaoke, since we hooked up our Samsung Smart TV with one,” Daphne shares. “Some mobile phones are harder to use, yet this TV can do almost everything except make a call.”

On Fridays and Saturdays, when the kids are given downtime from school, Sophia, Lily and Stella especially enjoy the size of the screen during special ‘movie screenings’ with Mom and Dad. “It’s like sitting in a cinema,” Daphne raved.

The family favorite, though, remains to be the Samsung Smart TV’s 3D capabilities. But Daphne strongly suggests getting more than one pair of 3D glasses! “We tried watching a 3D movie with our Blu-ray and it turned out to be a disaster because we only had one pair of 3D glasses. The kids almost fought!” she recalls.

If not bonding with the whole family, their eldest daughter, Sophia, invites friends for a little karaoke, while Lily and Stella play their online games with the widescreen TV. During weeknights, however, when kids are supposed to focus on schoolwork, Daphne and Patrick usually have the monopoly of the Smart TV. “It plays almost all known video formats, so my husband watches movies by simply plugging in his external hard drive,” she says. “For me, it’s a cool way to stay in bed and check Facebook and Twitter. ”

“Whenever our friends come over they, are floored that we actually have the Smart TV. They are amazed that we have it.”

For anyone who is in the market for an upgrade, Daphne trusts that the Smart TV is it. “Looks-wise, it is the best out there. It is sleek and unobtrusive—definitely the one for those who don’t want a TV that dominates and overwhelms their living space. Price-wise, there is nothing else as feature-packed in its price range.”

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