Smart pioneers In-App billing for WAC Applications

10 Oct

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) launched today Chikka TopApp the world’s first Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) application which will eventually allow subscribers from foreign mobile networks to transfer prepaid credits to a Smart subscriber.

Instead of being charged via credit card or via an online payment account, the corresponding amount will be deducted directly from the sender’s load wallet or charged to the postpaid account.

According to Smart President and WAC Board Member Napoleon L. Nazareno, Chikka TopApp will benefit Filipinos who can now easily receive airtime load sent by their loved ones overseas using phones in their home cellular networks.

“We are making it possible for all WAC-accredited Application Developers to reach out to more potential customers,” said Nazareno. “We would like to specifically help and enable Filipino Application Developers to tap into this huge potential market and we hope to see many of them reach global stature,” he said.

Chikka TopApp was made possible by a new Network Application Programming Interface (NAPI) which was exposed by Smart to developers worldwide via WAC.

The NAPI allows developers to bill users through WAC without having to connect separately with each mobile operator’s billing system.

“WAC is absolutely delighted that Smart is the first operator in the world to on-board for the WAC NAPI project,” said WAC CEO Peters Suh. “We applaud you on demonstrating the leadership, perseverance, and creativeness needed to bring this project to fruition,” Suh said.

The Netphone
Smart has been taking the lead in developing applications based on the WAC platform. Last September it launched the WAC-enabled Netphone 701 which features the ground-breaking SmartNet platform.

SmartNet is a service delivery platform which includes several patented technologies such as Safe Browse and the Global Directory.

Instead of turning off the phone’s data connection altogether to avoid unintended data use, Safe Browse makes available whitelisted sites and services. Once users try to visit unauthorized sites, Safe Browse even warns them of potential additional charges.

The Global Directory, meanwhile, is a service which allows Netphone users to search for other users on SmartNet. As soon as they’ve found the person they wish to connect with they can send a friend request similar to what is done in popular social networking sites.

“We have the devices—now, it’s as easy as making the applications available to the users ” said Nazareno. “In the near future, we will be introducing more features to WAC applications as we improve on the NAPI,” ended Nazareno.

To install Chikka TopApp on the Netphone, download the free app from the Google Android Market.

The Smart Netphone 701 is now available free at Smart Data Lite Plan 800 or on prepaid for P9,900.

Smart is the only Philippine telco that is a member of the Wholesale Applications Community.

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