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Windows 8 May Be Too Late For Tablets, Says Forrester

According to Forrester Research report, consumer demand for Windows 8 tablets in reducing at a rapid rate. Its down more than 21% since last quarter according to the report. Furthermore, the Forrester report says:

Microsoft faces challenges in the tablet market due to its late entry. While Windows 8 looks like a promising product for tablet computing, its release won’t come until sometime next year.

Though Microsoft’s OEM partners are embracing the platform, consumer interest has plummeted during the past nine months. Windows product strategists will have to overcome several disadvantages associated with being a fifth mover in the tablet market.
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Hackers Could Trigger Your Printer to Overheat

Columbia University researchers Salvatore Stolfo and Ang Cui claimed to have hijacked the software that controls LaserJet Printers’ “Remote Firmware Update” process allowing them to highjack a firmware upgrade.

The two researchers demonstrated how they could instruct a highjacked printer’s fuser, designed to dry the ink, to abnormally heat up and cause a piece of paper to smoke. The researchers used HP’s laser printers to demonstrate their claim.
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The smartest phones from SMART Postpaid plans

Today’s coolest smartphones have enabled tech-savvy users to connect to their passions, from socializing through Facebook and Twitter, enjoying music and multimedia content, doing business to surfing the net. Letting users fulfill their cutting-edge passions, Smart Postpaid offers the perfect handsets paired with the perfect All-In Plan that won’t bust the budget.

With sophisticated style and reliable performance, BlackBerry models have always been among the most coveted smartphones among today’s busy professionals. Their freshest offering, the BlackBerry Dakota, provides power-users with superior performance from its powerful 1.2GHz processor, 8GB of expandable memory, and a newly enhanced version of the BlackBerry OS 7. Whether sending work emails, messages, or capturing special moments, dynamic multi-taskers are sure to take pleasure in its larger QWERTY keyboard, fluid touchscreen, a 720p HD video camera, and innovative built-in apps that will make work a more delightful experience. The BlackBerry Dakota now comes with the Smart All-In Plan 3500 – a better, more cost-efficient deal compared to other postpaid plans with the same handset model.
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Symantec Helps IT Organizations Get the Private Cloud They Want from the Infrastructure They’ve Got

Symantec Corp. recently announced version 6.0 of the company’s storage management and high availability products. With this release, Symantec enables IT organizations to build resilient private clouds by transforming their existing infrastructure. Organizations can manage entire business services end-to-end with built in resiliency, even if the business service is run across multiple virtualization technologies, operating systems, and storage platforms. This release spans multiple products in Symantec’s portfolio including its flagship Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0, Veritas Cluster Server 6.0, and Veritas Operations Manager 4.1, all tightly integrated to help IT organizations move confidently to private cloud architecture.

Vic Ciencia, Symantec’s senior principal consultant for Asia South Region added, “With Storage Foundation High Availability 6.0, Symantec empowers organizations to use the infrastructure they already have to deliver the services their business need. We have retooled and incorporated new innovations in the solution from across our product portfolio to help our customers build highly available, resilient private cloud environments out of the infrastructure they’ve already got. These innovations provide complete end-to-end visibility and complete control of their heterogeneous infrastructure”
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Microsoft Philippines Gathers Partners in Annual Summit

Members of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) recently converged for the annual MPN Summit and 14th Awards Night, a two-part event where Microsoft connected with its partners and recognized the most outstanding MPN members during the past fiscal year.

Now on its second year, the MPN Summit has become a venue for Microsoft Philippines to gather its partners and share its business initiatives for the current year and provide an update on the different competency enablement, marketing, and sales support initiatives that they can utilize to enhance their services to their customers and consequently grow their businesses.
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Smart and Orange Pioneer Next Generation Hotspot

The Philippines’ wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and Orange have successfully performed the first live roaming transaction using the latest Wi-Fi technologies for the deployment of Next Generation Hotspots (NGH).

This marks a key milestone in the Next Generation Hotspot Trial announced in June by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA,) the operator-led organization driving next generation Wi-Fi experience.
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ECS Black X79 Series is the Invincible Gaming Station of Choice

ECS X79R-AX Black Extreme

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world’s leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, notebook and mobile device manufacturer presents two king-level motherboards to join ECS Black Series as the best gaming station of next generation based on Intel® X79 chipset supporting LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E processors—X79R-AX Black Extreme and X79R-AX Black Deluxe.

ECS Black X79 Series unleashes the extreme power of Intel® Sandy Bridge-E processors and breaks the limitation of your desktop computer to a height you could never dream of. ECS Black X79 Series is equipped with four PCIe Gen 3 x16 slots for 4-way GPUs supporting NVIDIA® SLI® and AMD CrossFireXTM graphics cards to construct an invincible gaming station. Also, ECS Black X79 Series supports quad-channel memory up to 64GB providing off-the-chart task processing speeds; the memory frequency support could also overclock to 2500MHz which is over 87% more than the traditional 1333MHz memory frequency.
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