Samsung Galaxy Note: the Freshest Innovation hitting Philippine Shore

11 Nov

Samsung Electronic Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) announces the commercial availability of Samsung Galaxy Note in the Philippine market starting this November. It was hailed as the ultimate gadget because of the incorporation of tablets immersive and large display with the portability and power of the smartphone, plus the advanced input technology of the S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note features the world’s first and largest high-resolution smart screen of 5.3” HD Super AMOLED display, delivering extremely vivid and best-in-class viewing experience. This is perfect to enjoy HD quality movies on the go.

“GALAXY Note is a revolutionary product to open a new category in the mobile industry and I am very proud of this accomplishment,” said Binggoy Mauricio, Business Unit Head of SEPCO Mobile Communications Business. “Samsung GALAXY Note will redefine and enhance mobile communication by offering a more advanced, productive and creative user experience with its new innovative features such as S Memo, SPlanner and S Choice. I’m sure our customers will enjoy our new product and fully take advantage of GALAXY Note’s many innovative features.”

Galaxy Note is powered by 1.4GHz dual-core processors that ensure fast and smooth user interface for seamless usability. Fast network speeds are enabled via HSPA+ ensuring extraordinary browsing experience. This allows users to stream videos in real time and engage with online gaming platforms facilitated by the Samsung’s Game Hub “The Samsung Galaxy Note was designed based on how consumers generate ideas. People usually take cues from their environment, formulate ideas and capture them through pictures, notes, designs and so on.

And, now, with the Galaxy Note’s S Pen input technology, 8mp camera, 1.4GHz dual core processor and HSPA+ internet speeds, these “eureka” moments will always be easily captured and even shared from anywhere and at anytime” said Coco Domingo, Product Marketing Head for Mobile of SEPCO.

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