Happy 40th year microprocessor!

14 Nov

Intel 4004

Forty years ago, the first microprocessor Intel 4004 was born. Ten years older than the personal computer, the 4004 was not very powerful. It was primarily used to perform simple mathematical operations in a calculator called “Busicom.”

Nowadays, modern microprocessors can perform extremely sophisticated operations in areas such as meteorology, aviation, nuclear physics and engineering, and take up much less space as well as delivering superior performance.

Intel 8088

The microprocessor, also known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), is the brain of all computers and many household and electronic devices. Multiple microprocessors, working together, are the “hearts” of datacenters, super-computers, communications products and other digital devices.

Over the past 40 years, microprocessors have become faster and more powerful, yet increasingly smaller and more affordable.

Intel Pentium

The microprocessor is one of the unsung heroes of the modern era. It makes quite incredible things possible all over the world. Through the years, we gain benefits from this tiny thing which improves not just computing, but also numerous fields from retail and industry to agriculture and vehicle safety.

Intel Core i7

After serving Busicom as its intellect on 1971, microprocessor serves as the brain of numerous inventions that we cannot imagine to live without. On 1977, microprocessor helped Commodore PET, acknowledged as the first all-in-one home computer, to function while giving a hand to the first ever microchip-controlled washing machines on 1978.

In the 80s, microprocessor assisted Namco’s Pacman in the arcade of the USA that sparked a huge craze on 1980 while microprocessor also help out Osborne 1, the great grandfather of modern laptop, on 1981.

Moreover, in the 90s, business and personal computing exploded with a wide range of desktops, laptops and even early tablet on 1990, the way we listen to music was changed forever on the 1997 with the first MP3 player, and the smartphone revolution kicked off when RIM introduced the Blackberry 850.

In the new millennium, the iPod was released and the future of MP3 as the music format of choice is set in stone on 2001, and netbooks were introduced as small and lightweight devices for completing simple tasks and viewing media and internet content on the go on 2008. In addition, tablets hit the consumer mainstream with the launch of the iPad on 2010 and digital signage and ultra netbook on 2011.

For 40 years, we witnessed how that little thing called microprocessor made a huge impact on our daily lives and make our lives more worth living. Thanks Intel.

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