Globe Business reaffirms strong support to the Philippines’ BPO industry

17 Nov

Globe Business, the corporate arm of Globe Telecom assures stakeholders in the Philippines’ Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector that it will continue to drive innovation and solutions that would further propel growth and development of the industry.

Speaking before hundreds of delegates from 17 countries, Grace Jarin-Castillo Head of the Enterprise Segments of Globe Business, reiterated the company’s commitment to become more than just a technology provider, but a solutions partner, with employees driven by a culture of innovation and customer focus.

“At Globe, employees go beyond what is expected of them by exploring innovative solutions that can further enhance the customer experience. Globe invests in its people, and equips them with the right tools to broaden their knowledge and expertise. After all, we believe that it’s our people and not just the products and services who make the difference. Similarly, the BPO sector is an industry that relies heavily on the skill and capabilities of its workforce, therefore making people its key differentiator and most valuable asset,” said Castillo in her presentation, entitled “Sustaining a 24/7 Innovative Culture”. During her talk, Castillo also discussed how employees are able to sustain a culture of innovation within Globe by embodying its corporate doctrine, “The Globe Way”, which encompasses the company’s commitment to making great things possible for its customers.

Global BPO leaders have called the Philippines the “rock of the BPO industry,” with export revenues expected to hit $11-Billion this year and $25-Billion by 2016 on the back of strong fundamentals and sustained demand.

Globe Business is relentless in its commitment to support the Philippines’ BPO sector, fostering strong relationships with leaders and key players in the industry. It has been a long-time enabler and technology partner of large enterprises in the field of offshoring and outsourcing, providing them with international and domestic connectivity that supports the Philippines’ telecom advantage as a destination of choice for the world’s top BPO companies.

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One response to “Globe Business reaffirms strong support to the Philippines’ BPO industry

  1. Philippines bpo

    November 25, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Globe surely “finds ways” when it comes to providing technology and other communications solutions. Not only that, their contribution towards the Philippine economy is undeniable. I am glad that they’re continuing their strong support towards the IT-BPO industry.


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