GSC launches Gurango Hosted Solutions for SMEs in PHL

09 Jan

Gurango Software Corporation (GSC), a provider of powerful and affordable management solutions, launched Gurango Hosted Solutions (GHS), an innovative business on-demand service that delivers Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions in the cloud for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Philippines.

The first cloud offering of its kind in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, GHS provides access to core software solutions with no upfront capital investment. Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions encompass internal and external management information across business functions including finance, accounting, manufacturing, sales, and customer interactions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions allow the company to manage with customers and prospects.

Solutions “in the cloud” refers to software services delivered over the Internet and hosted in remote data centers. GSC operates its own centers to ensure security and reliability of the GHS service. According to GSC founder and CEO Joey Gurango, GHS utilizes a robust Microsoft technology platform that SMEs and their employees are accustomed to, facilitating rapid implementation and adaption.

Because GSC provides its own cloud-based IT infrastructure to deliver its GHS service, Gurango said the customer is able to eliminate IT “headaches” as well as the in-house IT staff required to maintain these systems. “GHS provides a number of important benefits to SMEs,” Gurango said. “They include conservation of resources, data security and automated backups, zero IT staffing, and of course peace of mind.”

According to Gurango, GHS also enables executives to access corporate data and reports anywhere, anytime, facilitating decision-making and productivity. “You don’t need to be in the office and you don’t need a virtual private network to access data and make decisions,” the GSC founder explained. Executives can access data on the mobile phones, tables, and laptops when they need to, where they need to.

GSC has received numerous awards and distinctions including the Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year three years in a row (2008-2010). GSC has offices in the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia. It also offers business software services ranging from financial and human capital management to customer service.

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