Hosted technology to accelerate IT-BPO innovation, competitiveness

10 Jan

As the IT-BPO (information technology and business process outsourcing) and global in-house center industry matures and becomes increasingly complex, growing profit margins will require shifting technology perspectives from increasing and ensuring quality and productivity to enhancing value, said Miguel Garcia, president and chief executive officer of the DTSI Group.

Garcia said IT-BPO and global in-house centers have started moving away from their traditional reliance on premise-based solutions to hosted solutions as a strategy for managing setup and operational costs. That shift is being accelerated by recent momentum in the adoption of cloud technology, which not only reduces costs while ensuring quality and productivity, but provides value by fostering collaboration and innovation, the IT-BPO industry pioneer explained.

A DTSI Group subsidiary, DTSI Technologies, (DTSI) is a global systems integrator that provides advanced technology solutions, IT-BPO and global in-house center services, hosted services, and business communication services worldwide. Over 15 years of doing business in the Philippines, DTSI has enabled over 200,000 IT-BPO and global in-house center seats and has emerged as a partner of choice for manufacturers of advanced technologies for enterprises.

According to Garcia, DTSI’s business model offers excellent customer experiences by “re-architecting” traditional information technology strategies and business environments. “The value of hosted IT-BPO technology services is that it allows organizations to focus relentlessly on their core businesses, leaving the burden of setting up and managing solutions and technologies that can provide access to new revenue opportunities to managed and hosted providers like DTSI.”

The global trend towards cloud computing has provided a notable surge in interest in outsourcing IT services in general, and hosted services in particular, said Garcia. “To adapt to changes in business dynamics and environment, experts for several years have suggested shifting from traditional IT-BPO technology services residing on in-house servers to cloud-based applications that are managed and hosted in best in class data centers, Garcia explained.

This makes it possible for companies to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology without making large capital outlays or devoting resources to maintenance and upgrade costs. “It is tough for organizations engaged in non-technology businesses that nevertheless rely on technology to be continually identifying and investing in the opportunities technology can unlock,” Garcia explained. “DTSI addresses this gap by doing the job of innovating technology while conserving capital and other resources.”

Garcia said DTSI provides hosted services to its Fortune 1000 client companies, which it has served since 1997. Because companies have achieved very high levels of quality and productivity, competitive advantage must be derived elsewhere, he says. “This is why technology must do more than enable business efficiency,” he said. “Hosted technology services allow any company to continually benefit from advances in technology that help it identify and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.”

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