Canon Photographers unite for Banaue Rice Terraces rehabilitation

13 Feb

The Ifugao Rice Terraces, one of the Philippines’ most popular landmarks, has suffered severe damages due to the recent typhoons that visited the country. Several government and non-government groups have contributed on the rehabilitation of the site, including imaging giant Canon.

Canon Marketing Philippines volunteer employees, Canon Advocacy Team volunteer photographers and other individuals who recognize the need for action to revive the rice terraces will be travelling to the site itself to kick start the campaign.  Through efforts by Canon EOS Ambassador John Chua, volunteers will now be able to meet and interact with the local residents and work together to help rebuild the terraces.  But more than just helping to rebuild the national landmark, Canon hopes that this small step will help to revive the traditional Filipino spirit and culture of working together-“bayanihan”.

Canon is also implementing its successful project: Canon PhotoSkwela in Banaue for 2 days.  This is a series of photography, videography, and scrapbooking workshops that was launched by the company last year to reach out to budding photographers and trigger-happy shooters alike. This provides residents an opportunity to learn from professional photographers and equip them with skills they can use to earn a living and also value the breathtaking land that they live in. Canon Photoskwela will run from February 4 to 5 at the Immaculate Conception School.  Workshops will be headed by Canon brand ambassadors John Chua, Jay Jallorina, Edwin Martinez, Ernie Sarmiento, Albert Garcia, Per-Andre Hoffmann and professors from the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation George Cabig, Juan Rodriguez and Team OSS Managing Partner Jiggie Alejandrino.

“This is done in the spirit of bachang, the Ifugao culture of communal unity to achieve a purpose,” said advertising photographer John Chua. “Such a unique site deserves to be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.”

Agriculture, the traditional occupation in the locality, has steadily suffered a decline as next-generation Ifugaos exchange it for more profitable work elsewhere.

Canon Vice-President Bong Serevo adds, “In line with our campaign ImageNation, we saw it as an opportunity to contribute in strengthening a community that is struggling to keep its culture and history intact. By raising awareness about the [Ifugao Rice Terraces’] plight, we enjoin more Filipinos to appreciate what our beautiful country has to offer.”

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