SMART and Ericsson announce partnership to create “SpeedLab”

05 Mar

Smart Communications and Ericsson recently announced that they have formed a partnership to create the “SpeedLab”, which will focus on creating SMART’s “Super Broadband” offer. This is envisioned to be the fastest and most reliable broadband service in the country, with the widest coverage and most innovative plan features.

“We will deliver broadband speeds never before seen in the country,” SMART Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando Vea revealed. “In line with our Internet for All advocacy, we also want to provide the best customer experience possible.”

Elie Hanna, Ericsson President and Country Manager for Philippines and Pacific Islands, agreed that “SMART’s vision is completely in line with Ericsson’s own vision of a Networked Society, where everything that benefits from a connection will have one, and where people will use ICT whenever they interact, learn, socialize and innovate.”

The SMART-Ericsson partnership will first embark on quantifying the subscriber benefits of Ericsson and Akamai’s Mobile Cloud Accelerator on SMART’s network . MCA allows web pages to load three-times faster, thereby providing a better and more consistent user experience. MCA also creates opportunities for mobile network operators to monetize network assets, such as Quality of Service for over-the-top content.

“We believe that a solution such as the MCA allows for greater productivity – it’s less time spent waiting for Internet sites to load, “ said Vea. “It will provide a richer and better mobile experience for our subscribers. We already have the fastest broadband network in the country yet we continue to innovate”.

Vea added: “Akamai is the global leader in web application acceleration technologies and Smart is the first to bring this solution to the Philipines”.

MCA also provides operators with a means of monetizing over-the-top (OTT) traffic, and content providers with a way of improving quality of experience, conversion rates and brand perception. Content providers have shown great interest in MCA since quality of experience is a decisive factor for their businesses.

“We think that in the coming years, Filipinos will connect to the Internet using their mobile phone more than their PC or laptop, ” Rolando Pena, Head of SMART Technology Group revealed. “The time it takes for a page to load will significantly affect the quality of experience and consumer behavior, which in turn will impact on the ability of operators and content providers to build strong relationships with the subscribers.”

“Based on our global experience, delays in page load time lead directly to a decrease in conversions, fewer page views and a decrease in customer satisfaction,” Hanna shared. “Further, mobile phone users are less likely to use the provider’s service again, or return to a website where they have experienced page load problems. They are even more unlikely to recommend the site to others, making the quality of mobile content delivery critical to content providers.”

Hanna further explained that “the MCA is a unique solution that addresses end-to-end quality of experience for mobile content delivery across the internet and mobile networks. We are pleased to continue to be SMART’s technology partner in realizing their Internet for All advocacy .”

Ericsson earlier demonstrated the MCA at this year’s Mobile World Congress, including the operator portal, which allows operators to monitor the effect of prioritization on user experience and hence the value of premium connectivity.

INFOCHAT Website: SMART and Ericsson announce partnership to create “SpeedLab”


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