Living in style with Liz Uy

14 Mar

Liz Uy is certified style royalty. She’s lived up to being one of the most favored stylists to the stars, handpicking the iconic looks of celebrities like Kris Aquino and Bea Alonzo, to prominent political figures like President Noynoy Aquino. Not much goes on in the realm of Philippine fashion and style without Liz at the center of it all.

Every item in Liz’s wardrobe is chosen with keen precision, and her mobile device is no exception. Sleek, sexy, and with curves in all the right places, Liz looks at both form and function as prerequisites when choosing the perfect phone. As a familiar face in the socialite scene, Liz uses a BlackBerry and pairs it with a BlackBerry plan that fits her style best to keep up with the demands of her craft and maintain ties with her social circle.

Good thing there’s Globe and its whole portfolio of BlackBerry plans, Liz can make the most out of her BlackBerry, allowing her to own her device with flair and style.

Liz is a proud user of Globe BlackBerry Max, the BlackBerry plan that allows her to do just everything amidst her hectic schedule. Globe BlackBerry Max allows Liz to do unlimited surfing, Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Yahoo Messenger (YM) and e-mail, perfect for her lifestyle as one of the country’s premier social butterflies. Liz and her Globe BlackBerry Max are a perfect match, as it allows her to update her over 500,000 loyal Twitter followers anytime, anywhere, keeping them in the loop on her latest style creations, or fashion trends and discoveries from the World Wide Web. Her subscription also allows Liz to be connected to her e-mail all the time, so receiving messages and downloading photos from clients and colleagues have become a cinch.

On her rare free times, Liz manages to squeeze in a little chitchat session with her friends abroad to keep the bonds alive, thanks to her unlimited access to BBM and YM, all bundled with her Globe BlackBerry Max.

Like Liz, you can also live your life in style by subscribing to Globe BlackBerry Max or to other Globe BlackBerry plans that best fit your personality and needs.

For heavy e-mail users, there’s Globe BlackBerry Messaging that enables you to enjoy unlimited access to push e-mail, BBM and Instant Messaging for only P299 for 30 days. Unlimited push email includes Yahoo! Mail, GMAIL and your office or work-email. Instant Messaging can be enjoyed via YM, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Google Talk.

If you’re up to some serious social networking and chatting, then Globe BlackBerry Social is your best buddy. Available for prepaid and postpaid subscribers, Globe BlackBerry Social gives you unlimited access to Facebook and Twitter. It also allows you to stay connected and chat with your friends from anywhere in the world all day via BBM and Instant Messaging.

Finally, make way for the latest BlackBerry plan from Globe perfect for BBM fanatics, the Globe BlackBerry Chat. Postpaid subscribers subscribed to Globe BlackBerry Chat get to enjoy unlimited BBM access plus a bonus of free 200 text messages to Globe and TM subscribers for only P99 valid for 30 days. Globe Prepaid subscribers can avail of the 1-day variant with unlimited BBM and 100 SMS to Globe and TM subscribers for only P15 a day.

“We are very excited to offer our roster of BlackBerry Plans to our subscribers, headlined by fashion and style icon Liz Uy as one of our ambassadors,” said Joanna Africa, Head for Portfolio Management of Globe. “We understand that our subscribers’ needs are unique and different from one another, much like one’s fashion sense and style. With our lineup of BlackBerry Plans, BlackBerry users in the Philippines can definitely make, own, and live their style, knowing that they can maximize their BlackBerry device to the fullest.”

Register to any of the Globe BlackBerry plans by dialing *143# on your BlackBerry phone. For more details, visit or text BB INFO to 8888. Want to get styling tips from Liz Uy? Check out her BlackBerry video by visiting

INFOCHAT Website: Living in style with Liz Uy

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