Globe Business promotes IPv6 adaptation in PH

19 Mar

Globe Business holds learning sessions and fora to actively promote the adoption of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in the Philippines, as part of a global drive to adopt to the new protocol by mid-2012. Leading the sessions are Achie Atienza (1st row, standing 2nd from left), Globe Business Product Manager for Internet; (from left, seated) Mar Apuhin of Cisco; Zwicky Cheung of Tata Communications; and Gilbert Virtucio, Technical Solutions Architect of Globe Business.

As part of its relentless commitment to business continuity and providing seamless Internet experience to its customers, Globe Business steps-up efforts to fast-track the adaptation of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in the country, in a move that reflects the growing importance of the new protocol as the current IPv4 addresses being used to connect to the Internet are facing near exhaustion.

IPv6 is the next generation of Internet addresses. It supports longer and a vastly larger amount of IP addresses than its predecessor, IPv4, which is facing shortage worldwide, with the last block of the 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses assigned in February 2011.

“In coming years we expect that IPv6 will become the norm and customers will need to adapt to the new IP. It’s not a question of whether you move to it; it’s a requirement. If you don’t, over time, you will run the risk of not being able to talk to parts of the internet. However in the early phases of the transition, we’ll be working directly with customers to support them as they make this change and to ensure a smooth transition to the new IP for continuous Internet access through our IPv6 fora,” said Achie Atienza, Globe Business Product Manager for Internet.

Globe Business has spearheaded learning sessions on IPv6, led by Bayani Lara of the Advanced Science & Technology Institute, Zwicky Cheung of Tata Communications, Mar Apuhin of Cisco, John Delizo, of UST Global and Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional awardee, and Rick Lowe of R Lowe Services, Inc. The resource speakers highlighted the government’s initiatives on IPv6, global deployment, actual applications and the joint initiatives of Globe and its partners on how to enable businesses towards IPv6 connectivity.

IPv6 can accommodate the immensely growing number of users, devices with wireless or wired access, and web services on the Internet. Major internet companies including Google and Facebook are to enable IPv6 on their websites permanently on June 6, 2012 as part of a transition being orchestrated by a group called the Internet Society. To date, IPv6 represents just one percent of global network traffic.

“While other Internet service providers around the world are still considering the transition to IPv6, Globe is very much prepared to make the move and supports its early adoption in the Philippines. Enterprises can expect a smooth transition as Globe is now 100 percent IPv6 ready,” added Grace Jarin-Castillo, Head of the Enterprise Segments of Globe Business.

As early as mid-2011, the core IP network of Globe has been IPv6-ready, and more than able to provide seamless Internet experience to its customers and will enable enterprise customers to have more public IP addresses to allocate within their organization. Because Globe employed dual stacking IPv4 and IPv6 in its network, enterprises have access to both IPv4 and IPv6 sites on the Internet as infrastructure is capable of transporting both types of traffic.

INFOCHAT Website: Globe Business promotes IPv6 adaptation in PH

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