Smart Text Notes makes Hotline instructions easier

21 Mar

Have you ever called a customer service hotline to make an inquiry, only to forget all the details of the conversation later on? Or have you scrambled for pen and paper in an attempt to jot down what the fast-talking customer service agent is saying?

If you’re a Smart or Talk ‘N Text subscriber with a query, you can now take it easy – just call *888 on your mobile phone, follow the voice prompt, and let Smart’s hotline do the note-taking for you.

Through its new feature called Smart Text Notes, the toll-free hotline plays a pre-recorded response to your inquiry then immediately sends you a free SMS containing the information you just heard. So if you make a balance inquiry, you will both hear and read about how much load you have left. No need for pen and paper and speed-writing skills.

“This is a first in the telecommunications industry. The hotline gives clients the information they need,and makes sure they have a correct and complete copy of that information for future reference. Our clients will no longer worry about failing to write down important details or losing their notes, because everything they need is already in their mobile phone’s inbox,” said Smart Customer Care Head Joy Sanchez.

“With one less thing to worry about, they will have more time to attend to other tasks,” she added.

Smart Text Notes is especially helpful for subscribers seeking lengthier information, like the list of Smart’s Always-On Internet packages.

The hotline is open 24/7, so you can call anytime you need billing and account-related assistance, information on Smart promos and products, or even technical help with your device.

The hotline still gives you the option to speak to a customer service representative if that’s your preference or if you need additional information.

“Smart’s Customer Care team is ready to adjust to the different needs of clients. Our goal is not just to respond to each inquiry, but to also make our clients feel satisfied and well cared for,” Sanchez said.

INFOCHAT Website: Smart Text Notes makes Hotline instructions easier

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