Globe $700-M network modernization to support old and new mobile technologies

29 Mar

Old and new subscribers of Globe Telecom can expect better and improved call, text, and data services under the massive $700-million network modernization program which the country’s leading telecommunications company is currently undertaking.

Globe President and CEO Ernest L. Cu also allayed fears that the network change-out to 4G will impact subscribers using older technology devices.

“We have always embraced customer-centricity as our philosophy in doing business at Globe. We understand that many of our subscribers still use 2G-enabled mobile devices and perhaps will continue to do so for the service life of their phones. Our 2G and 3G networks nationwide will continue to support our basic SMS and voice services. The aggressive rollout of our 4G mobile network will cater to bandwidth-heavy services such as broadband and mobile data on smartphones and dongles. The network modernization will also significantly improve our core voice and text services through faster SMS delivery and better call quality,” said Cu.

Aside from vastly improved call quality, rare dropped calls, and instantaneous text message delivery, the 4G network can handle WiMax, HSPA+, and LTE. These new-generation technologies promise at least a fourfold increase in speeds over 3G and more consistent speeds in 5-10 mbps range. Thus, more content can be downloaded in the same amount of time from consistently reliable connections which have better response time between sending and receiving data, making real-time applications possible.

The unprecedented undertaking will modernize all layers of the Globe network within the next five years to set the industry benchmark for the most technologically advanced network in the Philippines. It is expected to bring aggressive growth prospects, savings in capital spending and expenses, as well as operational efficiencies from the synergy among Globe and its partners, Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent. Together bound by vision and resolve, the three companies are committed to instrumentally deliver a superior customer experience for the benefit of the consuming public.

Globe is committed to bring industry leading-innovations to empower each sector of the country – from the consuming public to foreign investors doing business in the Philippines. As such, the modernization project, which is envisioned to respond to the market’s ever-evolving needs, has become the company’s major contribution to nation-building and development.

Once completed, Globe envisions a robust and resilient network that can provide an unparalleled customer experience to truly set the company apart from competition. The new Globe network and IT systems are not only designed to address all current customer needs but would also have the capacity and capability for more sophisticated use of mobile and broadband technologies.

INFOCHAT: Globe $700-M network modernization to support old and new mobile technologies

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