Chrome for Android Beta: Mobile browsing made clean and simple

17 Apr

In 2008, Google launched Chrome to help make the web better. Millions of people around the world use Chrome as their primary browser. To keep improving that experience, in February, Google launched Chrome for Android Beta, which brings many of the things you’ve come to love about Chrome to your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phone or tablet. Like the desktop version, Chrome for Android Beta is focused on speed and simplicity, but it also features seamless sign-in and sync so you can take personalized web browsing experience wherever, across devices. Toda, Google is introducing an update to Chrome for Android that makes the app available in 31 more languages and in all countries where Google Play is available, including the Philippines.

Speed, simplicity, and a signed-in experience

Chrome for Android is designed from the ground up for mobile devices. You can search, navigate and browse fast—Chrome fast. Both search and navigation can all be done quickly from the Chrome omnibox. Google reimagined tabs so they fit just as naturally on a small-screen phone as they do on a larger screen tablet, and you can scroll through web pages as quickly as you can flick your finger. Best of all, you can bring your personalized Chrome experience with you to your Android phone or tablet. If you sign in to Chrome on your Android device, you can:

● View open tabs: Access the tabs you left open on your computer (also signed into Chrome)—picking up exactly where you left off.

● Get smarter suggestions: If you visit a site often on your computer, you’ll also get an autocomplete suggestion for it on your mobile device, so you can spend less time typing.

● Sync bookmarks: Conveniently access your favorite sites no matter where you are or which device you’re using.

Listening to users

Since the introduction of Chrome for Android Beta, Google has been listening closely to user feedback. Today’s update adds a few requested features to make it even simpler to navigate the mobile web:

● You can now request the desktop version of a website, in case you would rather not view the mobile version.

● Chrome for Android Beta now detects email addresses and phone numbers on web pages. Now you’re one press away from composing an email or making a phone call.

● You can now add your bookmarks as shortcuts to your home screen, so you can get to your favorite sites faster.

● Like Chrome on your desktop, Chrome for Android Beta now has country-specific suggested default search engines to help improve your search experience.

You can install Chrome for Android Beta from Google Play on your Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, phone or tablet.

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