EMC First to Deliver Complete Control of Oracle Backup and Disaster Recovery to Database

27 Apr

Advanced Integration Between EMC Data Domain Boost and Oracle Recovery Manager Provides a Faster, More Efficient Database Backup Solution

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced new EMC Data Domain Boost (DD Boost) integration with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN). DD Boost software provides advanced integration between EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems and applications for faster, more efficient backup and recovery. DD Boost distributes part of the deduplication process to the Oracle database server and enables RMAN to directly manage Data Domain replication. Tight integration between the Oracle RMAN native backup and recovery utility and industry-leading Data Domain systems gives Oracle database administrators (DBAs) complete control over their Oracle database backup and disaster recovery.

Most Oracle DBAs prefer using Oracle RMAN for direct control of database backup and recovery. DBAs work with their storage administrators to provision primary storage capacity to support the backup of their databases, resulting in inefficient and siloed Oracle backup infrastructures. Data Domain solves this inefficiency by providing a single consolidated backup solution that integrates with Oracle RMAN as well as third party backup applications. For years, Data Domain systems have been providing effective backup for Oracle through RMAN using the NFS (Network File System) protocol. By directly integrating Data Domain systems with Oracle RMAN via DD Boost, EMC is delivering new levels of manageability, functionality and performance—and putting them directly into the hands of Oracle administrators.

DD Boost increases Oracle backup performance up to 50% and enables more backups with existing resources by reducing the data transferred and associated LAN bandwidth requirements up to 99% and by reducing the load on the Oracle server during backup by 20-40%. In addition, DD Boost simplifies the database recovery process by enabling DBAs to manage onsite and offsite backup copies by controlling Data Domain replication from RMAN with full catalog consistency.

Additional Product Highlights

· A 10 to 30x reduction in backup storage required, making disk cost effective for onsite retention

· Aggregate throughput up to 26.3 TB/hr for faster Oracle backups

· Consolidated backup storage across the enterprise

· Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture delivers continuous recovery verification, fault detection and healing of Oracle backup data

Customer Quote:

Rael Mussell, Director of IT, Credit Acceptance Corporation

“The introduction of Data Domain Boost for RMAN means our DBAs will no longer have to rely on backup administrators for their mission critical Oracle recoveries. DD Boost for RMAN will enable our DBAs to gain complete control of Oracle backup and DR as well as achieve better backup performance. By directly controlling Data Domain replication, our DBAs will have an offsite database recovery process using RMAN. We view DD Boost for RMAN as a significant enhancement to the protection of our Oracle environment. It’s technology like this that allows IT to add value to the business, so now we’re capable of doing more in support of our business!”

Analyst Quote:

Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

“DD Boost integration with Oracle RMAN extends EMC’s vision of delivering tightly integrated backup and recovery products that simplify processes and give administrators the flexibility to architect backup infrastructures and processes that suit their organization’s needs. Oracle DBAs should find this a very attractive option.”

EMC Executive Quote:

Rob Emsley, Senior Director of Product Marketing, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division

“As IT environments continue to scale in both size and complexity, we believe application owners will increasingly want more involvement in individual backup and recovery processes. DD Boost for RMAN enables this flexibility for Oracle administrators while delivering increased performance and efficiencies that competing solutions simply can’t. EMC is empowering its customers with the ability to choose the way they wish to interact with their backup infrastructure to improve their processes.”

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