Charge your Nokia phones for free at Nokia charging stations

30 Apr

Did your Nokia phone just run out of juice while you were in the middle of a conversation with a friend?

Now, there’s no need to panic when your Nokia phone runs out of battery. All you need to do is head to the nearest Nokia Store and select partner establishments nationwide to charge your phone for FREE so you can stay constantly connected with your contacts all day, every day.

“We’ve just refurbished majority of our charging stations to allow Nokia users the convenience of charging their handsets for free at places they can trust and feel more secure in,” said Nikka Abes, Corporate Communications Manager, Nokia Philippines.

These Nokia Charging Stations come handy especially to mobile users who forget to bring a charger with them all the time. With some of these charging stations strategically located in some of the most popular establishments all around the country, mallgoers need not worry when their mobile phone batteries are suddenly on the brink of a shutdown.

Through these charging stations, Nokia once again proves that it is a reliable brand not only because of its user-friendly, affordable and stylish products. Nokia, the brand Filipinos trust and love, also provides premium services and innovations to its millions of users nationwide.

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