Leading IT firm offers protection against the worst cyber attacks

09 May

In photo are (L-R): Rene Huergas – IP-Converge President; Maricar Burgos – IP-Converge AVP for Corporate Sales, Managed Data Services; Oliver Kwan, Prolexic Vice President of Sales – Asia; and Percival delos Reyes, IP-Converge Senior Vice President for Managed Data Services

In the wake of several incidents of hacking against high profile websites in the Philippines recently, IP Converge Data Center, Inc. (PSE: ‘CLOUD’), the country’s first and only publicly listed Internet data center and cloud services provider, offers the best available solution to cyber attacks.

IP-Converge offers the world’s most advanced cloud-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation services through its partnership with US-based Prolexic Technologies, the world’s pioneer and leading solutions specialist for the mitigation of DDoS attacks.

Anatomy of cyber crimes

Probably the most expensive of all cyber crimes, DDoS attacks are the same ones recently used against websites purportedly by a group of Chinese hackers in relation to the two countries’ current Scarborough Shoal standoff.

DDoS is able to cripple a network for a period of time by using multiple computers that have been infected to send out bogus traffic to a specified target. This bogus traffic floods networks causing them to go offline – resulting in lost revenues and harmed reputation.

Said IP-Converge SVP for Managed Data Services Percival C. de los Reyes, ”With the right people to support you, the worst DDoS attacks on your network or websites can be mitigated easily, allowing you to focus on your business. No need to be a hapless victim to cyber criminals.”

Prolexic created the cloud DDoS mitigation space nine years ago when it was formed. IP-Converge started providing Prolexic’s DDoS mitigation services in 2007 and remains to be the only company in the country offering this kind of service.

Said de los Reyes, “It is typical for government websites all over the world to experience DDoS attacks. As proven in the past, Prolexic can handle the most damaging attacks that government institutions can ever encounter.”

Banking on Prolexic

Prolexic has unparalleled experience fighting DDoS attacks against companies especially in the gaming and banking verticals. According to Prolexic, companies in these industries are most susceptible to hacking attempts. Currently, more than 10 of the world’s largest banking organizations rely on Prolexic to fight complex DDoS attacks.

Furthermore, because it services a large number of banking clients, Prolexic is most often the first to become aware of the types of attacks being used in campaigns against companies in this sector. Prolexic’s Security Engineering and Response Team (SERT) is also constantly researching threats against the banking sector.

During its seminar on DDoS mitigation aptly entitled “Banking on Prolexic” held at Makati Shangri-la Hotel, IP-Converge and Prolexic discussed the dangers of DDoS attacks and how it has become more rampant in Asia over the past years. Mr. Oliver Kwan, Prolexic Vice President for Sales – Asia, further equipped IT decision makers in attendance with knowledge on how to address the worst threats on online security especially in the banking and government sectors.

Most reliable

Notably, Prolexic offers the most sophisticated Time-to-Mitigate service-level agreement (SLA) of any company offering DDoS mitigation services. Among other things, this means that Prolexic does not stop fighting attacks until they end.

Contrast this to other companies that offer DDoS mitigation services only as a part of existing business lines like domain name systems (DNS), content delivery networks (CDN) or IP transit services, and as such offer SLAs that have clauses that limit the extent they can and will fight attacks.

“With IP-Converge’s global network infrastructure and market reach, combined with Prolexic’s unique technology, our customers from government and across verticals can have peace of mind knowing that what they have is a secure hosting environment,” de los Reyes said.

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