10 May

Aegis Limited, a leading outsourcing services provider and part of the $17 billion Essar Group, today launched its comprehensive Social Media Engagement solution, AegisLISAn. AegisLISAn provides the ability of Listening, Interacting, Socializing and Aligning with the online community of a brand via a single solution platform, enabling deeper brand-customer engagement. This intelligence is generated by accessing and analyzing thousands of news, social networking, blogs and other user generated content sites of web 2.0 on real-time basis. It further enables brands to manage interactions with social media users and generate intelligent reports.

Aparup Sengupta, Managing Director and Global CEO of Aegis, said, “Digital and Social media are very important parts of the customer experience eco-system and have gained significant customer mindshare in recent times. With customer service, marketing and sales teams joining the drive, the demand has grown beyond pure ‘Listening’ and ‘Analyzing’ to include ‘Engaging’ with the end users. Our research shows that social media is the top of the mind agenda around a brand with CXOs. With AegisLISAn, we have strengthened our basket of solutions for our clients and made it easier to implement social media strategies.”

Gartner predicts that by 2015, more than half of the world’s formal contact centers will include a level of customer participation and engagement in the service process in real time. It also said that Software as a Service (SaaS) in particular, and cloud computing in general, will open new opportunities to introduce social media into the customer service contact center, due to lower complexity and faster speed of implementation. There is also the need to be aware of, support and integrate users of Facebook, Twitter and off-portal communities which is causing organizations to redesign existing/old service processes, and to identify potential process silos.

Sandip Sen, President, Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) Business of Aegis said, “This solution fulfills a need for a comprehensive engagement partner for our clients and crosses into marketing, sales or customer service. We see an opportunity for our clients who can leverage our solution to create a positive impact on their end users for years to come.”

Anil Modi, Chief Marketing Officer, Aegis said, “Unlike other channels, Social media offers the unique opportunity of monitoring ‘To brand’ and ‘About brand’ conversations simultaneously. Social Media presents a distinct approach to tap into end user sentiments in real time, addressing and responding to service issues, sales opportunities and gathering market intelligence. The accuracy of speed with which brands responds to their end users is a key differentiator AegisLISAn brings to the table. ”

AegisLISAn is built using four distinct components: 1) Technology: A platform to listen to various popular social networking sites, blogs and discussion forums, respond to them in real time, monitor and audit responses to create deeper engagement; 2) Analytics: The solution provides built-in analytical capabilities to gain insights into the context of conversations and business opportunities that can be discovered. Dashboard and reports are designed around competitive analysis, Twitter, Facebook, volume and sentiment; 3) Execution: Provision to manage consumer engagement with trained specialists engaging end users; and 4) Domain Intelligence: Providing customers with domain understanding and competitive benchmarking to develop and steer your social media strategy.

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