From briefcase to backpack: How Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet is reshaping the workplace environment

10 May

Consumerisation of IT is changing the enterprise landscape. More professionals spend more time working outside from home or on the road. They need light, mobile and powerful computing on-the-go.

Enter the tablet. This nifty computing device has jumped from the clutches of fashionistas and geeks, into the hands of more businessmen. Keeping productive while on the move has allowed business executives make the tablet feel right at home in the world of enterprise.

This trend is seen to grow. According to IDC 2011 APAC predictions, more and more businesses will be bringing their operations on-the-go[1]. Mobility will be a key component of enterprise services and applications as mobile devices become part of mainstream business tools.

One size doesn’t fit all

Most tablets have consumer-oriented platform and form factor but Lenovo understands that one size doesn’t fit all. For the business user and the corporate environment, a true business-class device that addresses security, manageability and durability is needed and this is what the ThinkPad Tablet offers.

The ThinkPad Tablet means business

Every business road warrior needs a classy and powerful tool such as the ThinkPad Tablet. It boasts a 10.1-inch WXGA display (1280×800) that projects colorful, vibrant and sharp images for visual presentations that are sure to impress. With its Corning Gorilla glass screen, you can insert the ThinkPad Tablet in your briefcase or handbag without worry of scratches.

Built for business, the ThinkPad Tablet enables business professionals to do more. It is powered by Android 3.1 platform and NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processors which allows for extreme multitasking, noticeably faster web browsing and improved battery life with its low power consumption.

Pre-loaded apps to get you right down to business

The ThinkPad Tablet offers professionals access to more than 250,000 apps in Android Market, plus apps for Lenovo devices in the Lenovo App Shop. It’s loaded with apps targeted for business users; the full version of Documents-to-Go by DataViz lets users view and edit Microsoft Office documents.

Enhancing user experience with optional accessories

The ThinkPad Tablet also comes with optional accessories that a business professional will find handy. It comes with a digitizer pen for comfortable note taking. Notes can be converted to digital text with apps like FlexT9 and Notes Mobile. Users can also use the pen to perform capacitive touchscreen functions such as open, click, drag, etc. with more precise controls than what one’s finger can give.

The ThinkPad Tablet has a touchscreen keyboard but it takes mobile versatility one level higher with an optional ThinkPad quality detachable Keyboard Folio which allows users to type faster, more accurately and more comfortably.

A hassle-free way of sharing and transferring files

File sharing and transferring across devices is more convenient with the ThinkPad Tablet. It comes with a full-size SD card reader, Lenovo’s unique file copy utility, and integrated cloud storage. Team members and offices can save, sync and share both small and large files with ease. Plugging a printer and other peripherals is no problem with its full USB port. Displaying presentations and videos in an external HD monitor is also possible on the ThinkPad Tablet, thanks to the mini-HDMI port.

ThinkPad Tablet: Security guaranteed

A global survey of IT managers’ perceptions about tablets in the enterprise highlighted their enthusiasm for tablets but expressed growing concerns over security and application access.[2] Frequent security incidents such as hacking aggravate concerns that mobile devices will fall victim to security breaches.

Addressing security, the ThinkPad Tablet includes anti-theft software and the ability to disable the device if it’s lost or stolen. The pre-enabled Computrace® Mobile app can track, locate and remotely disable or lock the device and/or delete sensitive data in the event that your tablet is lost or stolen. Other security features include an encrypted SD card slot and virtual application support systems such as the addition of Cisco VPN (virtual private network) to access corporate networks and also offers layered data encryption.

First Real Business Tablet

Mobility in the enterprise environment is inevitable. Those seeking to embrace it can look no further than the ThinkPad Tablet. It keeps mobile workers productive and secure — driving value back to the business. The ThinkPad Tablet is truly the first real business tablet designed to keep up with the business professional’s work-hard and play-hard lifestyle.

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