Pacsafe Protection for Women

10 May

For women, a lady bag that is most reliable and convenient to have is what her life is all about. It carries not only her daily essentials and valuables; it is also a repository of good memories and stuff that makes her happy and fulfilled. Inside that bag may be her favorite perfume or lipstick, the ring her husband gave on her birthday, or her mobile phone containing her most favorite songs and digital pictures of family & friends. The loss of that precious pouch is not only a physical loss, but also the loss of the many things that she treasures most.

That is why Pacsafe, the most reliable brand of thief-proof bags and accessories in the market today, has come up with special features on their latest generation of stylish and fashionable women’s bags. They are designed not only to safeguard a woman’s most precious valuables but also keep her security and confidence intact as she tends to her daily activities and commitments. Pacsafe bags are especially designed to keep her valuables safe, organized and easy to find.

Street snatchers and mall marauders better beware when trying to snag a Pacsafe bag from an unwitting busy lady, because they will definitely fail and regret. Pacsafe’s Generation II Citysafe and Slingsafe women’s bags are all equipped with a smart turn and lock hook, a feature most unique to the brand.

These cleverly integrated and easy-to-use devices keep an eye on their gear when they can’t, especially when they are on the supermarket tending to a shopping cart full of groceries or checking out a sale in the mall. Attached to the bags’ slash-proof straps and chains are the turn and lock hooks which securely fasten down. And as the name suggests, you have to turn the hook to unlock it. What’s more, they allow you to lock your bag to a secure fixture and prevent snatch and grab theft.

Aside from the slash-proof straps and turn and lock hooks, Pacsafe feel-safe features also includes Exomesh Slash guard and RFID blocking pocket and Smart Zipper Security.

Generation II Citysafe and Slingsafe bags sport a trendy and slick design that moms and career women can conveniently bring everywhere, and the colors can match any outfit or dress be it a daytime stroll with kids at the park or mall or a nighttime event with her co-workers.

Women can keep her mind off worries about thieves or pickpockets as she goes about with her career or being in the company of her loved ones during travel. With Pacsafe’s Generation II Citysafe and Slingsafe bags for women, she can spend more quality time with her loved ones or even herself!

Pacsafe smart travel gear are available in most major department stores like Rustan’s, SM and Robinsons, Duty Free and lifestyle stores like The Travel Club, ROX, BratPack nationwide. Search us on Facebook (Pacsafe Philippines) or contact United Limsun International Trading Corp. at

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