Gaisano Capital Expanding capabilities with HP Thin Client technology

22 May

Gaisano Capital stands firm as one of the country’s frontrunners in the retail industry. Even with its sprawling department stores, groceries and malls, it continues to innovate and stays relevant in these fast-paced times. From its humble beginnings as a stand-alone store in Cebu City, the retail giant has expanded to 16 branches all over Visayas and Mindanao. Gaisano Capital attributes a major portion of its continuous success through the efficient use of IT assets with HP poweringup its operations.

Thin Client: Superior security and reliability

In the retail industry, managing the vast amount of inventory and transactions per day is a very costly process where every second counts. Every counter in every store can become a liability when terminals slow down or stop functioning due to virus or data clogging up the hard-drives. To solve this issue, Gaisano Capital installed HP Thin Client terminal units to replace the ones in their stores to provide secure and efficient server-based data management.

Offering top-notch security, HP Thin Clients do not store data and applications locally within client terminals. Instead, a centralized data center performs all data storage and processing to provide uncompromised, streamlined operations to keep confidential data secure from a variety of threats.

“In the fast-paced industry of retail sales, transactions processing is usually slowed down when users install non-work –related applications on their desktop terminals. This ultimately results in inefficiency in the workplace. Fortunately, HP Thin Client technology allowed us to solve that problem and provide more convenience,” said Gaisano Capital IT consultant, Josephus Dy.

Josephus Dy

Thin is in: Compact and durable

Since critical operations are processed via a remote server, HP Thin Clients do not need to be as bulky as traditional desktop systems.This unique feature allows HP Thin Clients to be compact, making them more flexible in terms of installation and placement,and letting businesses manage space resources better and save costs.

“Considering the small footprint, low power consumption and heat output, we get to save on the overall space, furniture and electrical costs without sacrificing performance. Security is also provided as no external data can be transmitted to the network via the remote clients,” he said.

With HP Thin Clients,Gaisano Capital has efficiently streamlined their processes, kept costs down and boosted productivity for their business. Partnered with HP’s server systems, the company enjoys the reliability and quality of products backed by an unparalleled after-sales service.

“Deciding to acquire HP Thin Client technology was an easy choice since most of our servers are HP blades and towers. We’ve had good experience with their products and services so we know we can count on their continuous support for all existing products,” Dy said.

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