Schneider Electric Supports Adamson University’s Solar Vehicle project

22 May

Schneider Electric (SE), the global specialist in energy management, recently donated a Xantrex XW MPPT Solar Charge Controller to Adamson University’s (AdU) students to help them develop their solar-powered vehicle dubbed LeePAD2.

LeePAD2 is a four-wheeled solar power-enhanced vehicle designed and created by a team composed of professors and ten graduating Electrical Engineering students from AdU. LeePAD2 was developed from the LeePAD, a three-wheeled hybrid automobile which was the first solar-powered vehicle launched by the university in June 2011. Both vehicles were called LeePAD, which was derived from the Tagalog word “lipad” meaning “to fly”. The name was cleverly coined by the Chairperson of the Electrical Engineering Department Engr. Virgilio Lomotan, who also served as the students’ mentor.


Engr. Lomotan and the team designed the vehicle as a response to the university president’s challenge of creating a pollution-free or “green” university. Energy-efficient and environment-friendly, LeePAD2 is the group’s contribution to saving our environment.

Engr. Lomotan expressed gratitude for Schneider Electric’s donation. Through the Xantrex XW MPPT Solar Charge Controller, the team will be able to track and regulate the electrical maximum power point of the photovoltaic array to deliver the maximum available current for its charging batteries thereby prolonging the vehicle’s battery life. “This support from Schneider is a big boost not only to Adamson University but to the whole academe as well. This will encourage other universities to undertake more research and development projects knowing that companies like Schneider Electric are willing to help them,” says Lomotan.

Photo above shows Schneider Electric Country President Philippe Reveilhac (second row, 4th from right), Adamson Universty Electrical Engineering Department Chair Engr. Virgilio Lomotan (second row, 3rd from right), Schneider Electric employees, and the ten graduating Electrical Engineering students who created LeePAD2 during the team’s visit to the Schneider Electric Philippine Office. Inset: The Xantrex XW MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

“We believe in supporting these projects because they will help create a higher quality of life for future generations. The youth of today should be encouraged to developed advanced, energy efficient technologies because they set a great example on how to do more while using less,” shares Philippe Reveilhac, Schneider Electric Country President.

LeePAD2 will be officially launched this coming June at the Adamson University grounds.

For more information on Schneider Electric solar solutions, please visit

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