Globe Mobile Internet lets you make your own rules with a MegaByte

21 Jun

If part of your daily life is surfing on your mobile phone, then you would be thrilled to know that Globe, dubbed as the as the most popular service provider for mobile internet services in the Yahoo! Net Index 2011, now gives you full control of your mobile browsing with its innovative megabyte (MB)-based data plans.

An MB is a unit used to measure data for internet-related activities, such as mobile surfing. Remember that everything we do on the internet requires data, such as sending an e-mail, downloading an application, posting a status on Facebook, tweeting, uploading photos and streaming videos, searching Google, browsing movie schedules, or chatting with friends. The data used in these transactions can be measured via kilobytes (KB) or megabytes. Just like in texts, the way we measure consumption is through the number of messages we send, or in the case of voice calls, the number of minutes. Mathematically-speaking, 1 MB is equal to 1,024 KB.

So now you understand what an MB is, the next step is to find out how much KBs or MBs are consumed when you visit your favorite internet sites on mobile. Mobile surfing activities that do not include any download of an image, video or sound such as Facebook posts and likes, tweets, and e-mail without attachments are generally less than 100 KB or .1 MB.

On the other hand, web page views with images and photo uploads and downloads are within the 100 KB to 500 KB range. YouTube videos, application and music downloads, meanwhile, should cost you more than 1MB

With Globe PowerSurf MB plans, you can definitely take charge and make your own rules when it comes to your mobile browsing activities. Once you fully understand how MBs work, you can compute the number of MBs you need and consume, empowering you to choose what PowerSurf MB plan best suits you and your budget!

Available to Globe and TM subscribers, PowerSurf MB is best if you’re the type of user who wants to stay connected much longer at a more affordable price since you will be charged based on your actual data consumption only. It’s also best suited for those who want to keep their apps updated and constantly receive notifications, since these updates and feeds usually consume very minimal internet data, which allows you to stay connected over long durations of time.

Prepaid subscribers on a budget can choose the following affordable PowerSurf plans: PowerSurf 15 with 20MB for P15 valid for 1 day, PowerSurf 30 with 50MB for P30 also valid for 1 day, and PowerSurf 50 with 100MB for P50 valid for 3 days.

Prepaid and postpaid subscribers looking for plans with higher MB allocation and longer validity can avail of 30-day PowerSurf MB variants such as PowerSurf 99 which gives you 50MB for only P99, PowerSurf 299 which gives you 300 MB for only P299, or PowerSurf 499 which gives you 1000MB or 1GB for only P499.

“Knowing the benefits of using PowerSurf MB plans gives you the power of control over your mobile internet usage, control over the things you love to do on the mobile phone, control over how long you want to do them, and control over your budget – because you deserve to make the rules of your lifestyle,” said Jenny Granada-Echevarria, Head of Globe Mobile Data Services. “We understand that mobile browsing users have different needs so we’re excited to let our subscribers know that they are empowered to choose which PowerSurf plan suits them best for a worry-free surfing experience, only from Globe Mobile Internet.”

Subscribe to a PowerSurf MB plan of your choice now by texting Powersurf to 8888 or dialing *143# for free.

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