IP-Converge launches local cloud hosting portal

07 Jul

Internet data center operator and cloud services provider IP Converge Data Services, Inc. recently launched its latest service offering to the Philippine enterprise: — an online facility that provides businesses, institutions and organizations with IP-Converge’s a full range of enterprise cloud services.

On, users initiate their own cloud environment by launching what are called “Cloud Servers”. A server is defined as a physical computer (with CPU, RAM, and storage) dedicated to running one or more tasks or services to serve the needs of users of other computers in a network. Just like these physical servers, Cloud Servers also have CPU, RAM, and storage, and serve the same purpose. However, unlike physical servers, Cloud Servers are able to increase or decrease processing power, memory, and storage as applications require it, dynamically changing to meet customer needs, on-demand. supports Linux and Windows servers, and offers a full complement of enterprise cloud applications suitable for various organizations, as well as virtual storage and backup for companies with even the simplest data availability requirements.

“We are proud to be the first provider in the country to offer a complete suite of enterprise cloud services out of our state-of-the-art carrier-neutral Internet data center facility”, says IP-Converge President Reynaldo R. Huergas. “With, we bring Philippine businesses the leverage they need to further improve profitability with significant cost savings, and enhanced workplace productivity resulting in faster time to market.”

Powered by IP-Converge’s state-of-the art Internet data center facility, provides customers with the hosted infrastructure and environment required to develop and run proprietary or licensed business applications in their own private instance in the cloud. It is a true and complete cloud computing environment that provides Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as-a-Service, in just a few clicks — the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Said Edgar R. Gutierrez, IP-Converge Vice President for Carrier Relations and Special Projects, “We’re very excited to launch, it gives SMEs access to the same business applications used by large enterprises at a much lower cost, giving them the time to focus on growing their business and not worry about the technical aspect. Not everybody has the time and resources to build their own infrastructure, this is the solution for them. Not only is it cost-efficient but it’s also simple to use – it lets the users choose only the services that they need and be ready in as little time as possible.”

An advantage for cloud services is that customers do not need to make any capital investment to reap its benefits. Instead, users simply pay for the use of the cloud as you would a utility service like electricity or water. The big plus with is that it features highly flexible subscription packages that allow customers to pay only for what they use. Subscriptions can go anywhere from annual to monthly to daily, or even on a per hour basis — an important factor for companies with tight budgets.

In addition, the portal is the also first local cloud platform of its kind to allow online payment via credit card, debit card, and other online payment options, giving customers immediate access to its services. According to Gutierrez, the website’s “Launch to Cloud” one-click automatic provisioning feature allows a customer to make use of a fully configured cloud server with disk space, RAM, OS, and even select applications in just a few clicks. is powered by a cloud infrastructure developed by Appcore, Inc., an Infrastructure-as-a-Service company based in the US. The system is supported by IPC Data Center’s robust and resilient infrastructure that includes various layers of network and physical security to ensure the confidentiality of data. Lastly, IP-Converge’s carrier-neutral network infrastructure that’s peered with all domestic telecommunications providers allows users to experience minimal latency in accessing their servers and applications, ensuring utmost service availability, and secure, unhampered operations for customers.

“By converging our expertise in data center operations, telecommunications networking, and cloud computing, we are able to deliver a true cloud service that enables organizations to focus on their core business and grow bigger, faster” adds Huergas. “We believe that the Cloud will be the standard model for the delivery of information to the enterprise, and we are happy to bring this capability to Philippine businesses today.”

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