Redfox conquers Computex 2012

07 Jul


REDFOX, the global Filipino I.T. hardware solutions company showcased its innovative products in its very own booth in Computex, the largest I.T. show in the world held yearly in Taiwan last June 05 to 09, 2012.

The booth, with the theme “Legacy, Forthwith, Inevitable”, exhibited the company’s history of innovation through products that were first in the market. One such product was the PC Terminator, launched in 1994. It is a CPU housed in a space-saving, slim casing that also served as the keyboard.

The PC Terminator gave consumers the power to convert any monitor into a personal computer. Another was Vengeance –the first gaming PC that utilized AMD Athlon 64-bit CPU. It became an instant hit in iCafes and gamers in 2004.

REDFOX showcased its latest products during the event: the Razor Line of laptops and the Multi-User Solution. The Razor Ultrabook distinguishes itself from the competition by being elite yet accessible. It rewards yuppies and executives the experience of owning an incredibly light and truly mobile laptop packed with the latest features (such as an Intel Core processor) minus the unreasonable price tag. REDFOX proudly launched it as the Philippine’s first ultrabook. Razor Ultralite rises above other laptops with its edgy yet light form factor (weighing 1.3 kg), while Razor Defianz breaks the rules with its uncannily ultrathin casing that packs a lot of punch – a large capacity HDD, for instance. The Multi-User Solution, which extends the power of one desktop to 7 stations, reduces the total cost of investment by 50%.

The Multi-User Station extends the power of one CPU to several workstations REDFOX COMPUTEX

REDFOX’ also unveiled its upcoming product lines, which include tablets, smart TVs, and AIOs with touch-screen functions, to mention a few. It also gave them a sneak preview of its newest innovation, a 14-inch touchscreen laptop, and your notebook and game console on demand.

“It has always been my dream to showcase to the world the best of what the Filipinos can contribute in the I.T industry,” says Mr. Andy Te, President of Redfox Group of Companies. Mr. Te, further added that Redfox was the only Filipino company who exhibited in this yearly event. “We gave them a glimpse of how our company redefines innovation. We don’t just present hardware but we provide them solutions be it in Education, Home and Entertainment and Insitutional” says Mr. Te.

With its slew of nifty new products coupled with the heritage of technological innovation, REDFOX is poised to reach out to Filipinos all over the globe, be they in Taiwan or beyond.

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