Travel a great distance with Nokia

20 Jul

Nokia Maps comes preloaded in the Nokia Lumia, Nokia N9, and Nokia Belle smartphones, such as the Asha 311, which is available at the end of July 2012.

How far can a mobile phone go? From just being a means of communication, mobile phones have evolved to a multi-functional device that provides information, entertainment, business-related apps, and social networking. But, Nokia took its smartphones to a higher level as these can be your personal navigation whenever and wherever you go with its preloaded maps that are available offline!

Nokia has been using vector maps since 2006, and for the past six years the brand has been developing its navigation offering. At the core of this service innovation are the offline maps and Nokia Drive, which aim to deliver a complete navigation experience.

The Nokia Maps are preloaded on Nokia smartphones to give users a great out-of-the-box experience. An easy first-use process will walk you through on how to make your favorite countries and regions available offline. Manage your offline maps that you can always go back to, regardless of service provider coverage.

Aside from street maps, Nokia Maps enables offline search with its available points of interest (POIs). It also offers offline rerouting and on-device navigation voices. Plus, these voice-guided turn-by-turn navigations are available for over 110 countries and in 70 languages!

On top of this, you can customize your maps since the Nokia Maps are locally saved on your device. Download an entire country or specific regions, depending on your preference and needs. This way, you can definitely find your way to your destination and enjoy your vacation.

To date, Nokia Drive, with a full offline experience, is available for Nokia Lumia, Nokia N9, and Nokia Belle smartphones. Even the Nokia N95, introduced in 2007 has offline navigation.

Nokia Asha smartphones also come with preloaded maps and preloaded POIs to make sure location-based services are affordable. Non-Nokia users can also visit from their mobile browser and discover cached maps available offline for their phones.

Indeed, Nokia has gone a great leap to make their smartphones more functional by allowing users to travel leisurely with its offline maps.

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