Get handset how-to’s from Smart’s video channel

09 Aug

Got a new mobile phone but too busy to read the manual? Visit Smart’s YouTube channel for videos that will show you exactly how to navigate your device.

The channel ( contains dozens of tutorial videos showing how to switch on and off data or roaming services using a wide variety of mobile phones. Detailed instructions can also be found below each video.

“You can always ask a friend to give you instructions over the phone, but the process can be tedious and confusing. Sometimes it is better to be shown, not told, so we prepared these simple and easy-to-follow tutorial videos,” said Smart Customer Care Head Joy Sanchez.

“These videos are regularly updated to cover new handset offerings,” she added.

Aside from featuring handset how-to’s, Smart’s YouTube channel also has dozens of tutorial videos on how to complete Smart transactions.

There are videos that will teach you how to check your Smart postpaid balance, update your billing address, and find out when prepaid promos will expire.

“We have uploaded about a hundred videos as a free service to our subscribers. We want to help you discover the many easy ways of completing your Smart transactions so you can do so much more with your time,” Sanchez said.

“We also want to help you make full use of your Smart-powered handsets so you can get the total Smart experience,” she added.

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