Schneider Electric Adds Data Center Curriculum to Energy University Program

22 Aug

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, recently announced it is integrating Data Center University, the globally recognized online resource of data center courses, with its online, free, vendor-neutral energy efficiency learning program, Energy University. The move gets Schneider Electric one step closer to its stated goal of supplying comprehensive energy efficiency learning for all segments and industries within the next three years.

“The addition of Data Center University is another step in our commitment to help fill the gap in available educational resources for energy efficiency and sustainable operations,” said Jeff de Sousa, Vice President for IT Business, Schneider Electric. “Business leaders have a tremendous opportunity today to reduce energy consumption and costs, and the inclusion of the data center content allows for individuals in the IT space to have access to all aspects of efficiency learning.”

Data Center University has existed as a highly successful e-learning program from Schneider Electric’s IT business unit for the past seven years, with more than 360,000 courses taken within the resource. The 90,000 registered users of Data Center University will be migrated into Energy University, making it the second college of learning within that resource. The Data Center University name and indentification will be retained.

Energy University has outpaced growth expectations since its launch in 2009. The program’s 120,000+ users have taken more than 115,000 courses in 165 countries and 12 languages. The program is endorsed by 17 global professional organizations, 13 of which offer continuing education credits for members who participate in the program.

Delivered entirely online, Energy University courses are designed to support anyone involved in the decision-making, management, planning, design, or construction of a space impacted by energy.

The online format enables those seeking to continue their education and expertise in energy management with access to content without time, travel or budget restrictions. Courses provide awareness of energy opportunities and the knowledge needed to prioritize projects, win approval, successfully acquire safe, reliable and cost effective solutions, and monitor performance to sustain significant energy savings over time.

“Only through education and awareness can companies take advantage of the significant energy savings available to them today,” said Andy Chatha, President and CEO of ARC Advisory Group. “By providing users with commercial-free knowledge and expertise of various topics, they will be able to implement sustainable energy-efficient solutions that are good for the environment and good for their bottom line.”

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