Power Mac Center rolls out ‘Green Movement’ campaign

20 Sep

WWF-Philippines Vice-Chair and CEO Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan and PMC CEO Lawrence Sison sign MOA to revive degraded forest areas in the Sierra Madre.

Power Mac Center (PMC) recently rolled out “Green Movement,” its umbrella campaign to help save the environment, with a maiden agroforestry initiative in partnership with the world’s largest and most experienced conservation organization, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

PMC and WWF recently signed a memorandum of agreement to revive degraded forest areas in the Sierra Madre, the Philippines’ longest mountain range and largest protected area.

Over 150 endemic animal species – from the Philippine Eagle to the newly discovered Bitatawa Monitor Lizard – thrive in Sierra Madre’s vigorously vegetated ridges, while its forests irrigate an estimated 400,000 hectares of rice farms and cornfields in the Cagayan Valley.

According to PMC Marketing Director, Joey Alvarez: “We launched the Green Movement as our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to help conserve the environment while further strengthening the company’s bond with its increasingly environmentally conscious customers. And we are glad to partner with no less than WWF to contribute in helping save the Sierra Madre forests.”

Agroforestry is a unique approach to reforestation, which uses fruit-bearing trees to create more productive, profitable and sustainable land-use systems. Since 2009, WWF has supported the cultivation of over 17,200 Mango, Satsuma and other fruit-bearing tree species in logged-over areas.

WWF-Philippines Senior Water Resources Manager Ed Tongson says, “Water is the lifeblood of agriculture. Through this agroforestry initiative, PMC is doing its part to secure food and water for the people of Isabela.”

With the Green Movement also aiming to increase people’s awareness of environment-related issues, PMC’s staff attended WWF-led environmental training that included a lecture on how to reduce carbon footprint. A lecture on the Abuan watershed in Isabela was also conducted by WWF to enlighten PMC employees on the importance of the role of partnership with the local community and other stakeholders to succeed in managing an ecosystem.

Sierra Madre forests have been degraded in the past by illegal logging, swidden farming and land clearing.

As part of its Green Movement Campaign, PMC is also encouraging all customers to use eco-bags when buying products in their 14 stores nationwide. Savings generated from the project will fund the Sierra Madre reforestation.

Notably, as part of early preparations for the PMC Green Movement, the company also launched in conjunction with the Earth Day celebration the Green Canvas Digital Illustration Contest. In the form of a digital illustration, entries in the contest conveyed the message that preserving the country’s forests is important, specifically in providing a habitat for plants and animals, regulating our climate, helping prevent soil erosion and flooding, providing a source for clean water, and maintaining a balanced biodiversity.

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