The X-Factor in the Upbeat Performance of DJ Travis

04 Oct

What do you get when you cross a music and technology lover with a very fast, professional-grade, ultraportable machine?

DJ Travis Monsod, one of the first digital DJs from the Philippines, recently acquired his Lenovo ThinkPad X201 and is already singing its praises: “I set a very high bar when it comes to computing. The ThinkPad X201 exceeds the bar and I haven’t been let down.” This high-energy performer is also the head of the I.T. department of a real estate company and is also a freelance producer and remixer of CDs.

The ThinkPad X201 perfectly suits tireless achievers like DJ Travis, who plays, spins and remixes music on the spot in clubs like Bed Manila, 7th High, Relik and Dragon, as well as at events like the Infinit Alcopop promotional tour, Marlboro nationwide party tours, and many more. The thin, 12-inch laptop delivers exceptional punches above its weight, giving extreme mobility for those who work on-the-go.

While the ThinkPad X201 is a business laptop, it’s also an exceptional tool for individuals engaged in other various pursuits requiring technology, as exemplified by the kind of “work” of DJ Travis.

Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines, said: “Consistent with Lenovo’s promise of providing machines For Those Who Do, the ThinkPad X-Series laptops are designed to empower every multitasking user—whatever his profession may be—with blazing-fast technology, a suite of exclusive features, signature Lenovo durability, and exciting new software and support apps.”

The ThinkPad X201 is engineered to carry out the most demanding tasks with features like Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3.0 for Windows 7, ThinkVantage security and diagnostic tools, and environment-friendly energy-saving features, and more.

Balance of Power and Portability for a True-Blue Techie

“I love the unassuming power of the X201,” DJ Travis says. “[At first glance] everyone pays no attention to it but once they see it in action, they’re actually very surprised about its performance.”

He discloses what a wicked awesome PC is: “Number one, it should be portable. Then, it should be powerful and it should be durable.”

Today, using the incredibly light ThinkPad X201, which weighs as little as three pounds, DJ Travis is able to work wherever, whenever. “I like the sturdy, rugged build of the ThinkPad X201. It’s pretty lightweight and the screen is bright enough for me to see in the clubs I play in. I am constantly on it as I like to create DJ sets, and remix and produce on-the-fly.” He also likes that the staple little red TrackPoint device is still there, now coupled with the multi-touch touchpad, and the spill-proof keyboard.

DJ Travis is also particular about the power of his laptop, since he needs to keep the non-stop, high-energy vibe for at least two hours when he’s performing live. “We need a PC that can keep up with us.”

DJ Travis is also particular about the power of his laptop, since he needs to keep the non-stop, high-energy vibe for at least two hours when he’s performing live.

This deejay’s ThinkPad X201 is powered by the 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 chip processor, Windows 64-bit and 8GB RAM. “I need these so that the software, called Traktor, can run better. And I need fast data transfer,” he adds.

These days, he doesn’t only use his ThinkPad for DJ-ing but brings the “little guy” everywhere — the office, production studios, gigs and wherever family bonding takes him. “I can literally do everything with my ThinkPad X201. I even customized my keyboards so I have shortcuts.”

In five years, DJ Travis hopes he’ll be producing more and that the DJ school he’s currently putting up will be in full swing. And with its proven durability, his ThinkPad X201 will still be pumping up all his beats.

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