Schneider Electric leads the way in ASEAN

18 Oct

Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, at the Frost & Sullivan Annual Best Practices Awards Banquet, shared insights into the importance of end-to-end services as a critical success factor to data center customers. An event which saw the energy management specialist take home the ‘UPS Vendor of the Year’ and the 2012 ‘Service Provider of the Year’ awards for South East Asia for 2012.

Schneider Electric, which is increasingly acknowledged for their customer focus and IT product offerings, singled out ASEAN as a market to watch in coming years. TS Khoo, Vice President for Schneider Electric’s ASEAN IT Business took to the stage following his acceptance of the prestigious Service Provider of the Year award, explaining the company’s commitment energy management and complete solutions.

“We continue to focus on delivering integrated and innovative end-to-end data centre solutions that are business-wise and future-driven. Our customer insights across ASEAN reveal availability, efficiency and scalability to be the main challenges in IT today. As a Trusted Data Center Advisor, Schneider Electric has been assisting customers with these challenges by educating them on DCIM processes, guiding them through the important workflows, using the correct tools and embracing software such as StruxureWare.”

The news was presented at The Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore which hosted the annual awards ceremony, acknowledging Schneider Electric’s continuing efforts in leading market share and demonstrating innovative approaches.

Based on performance and excellence, the notable ‘UPS Vendor of the Year’ award is presented to a standout organization that has demonstrated the highest level of achievement in its respective market. While the ‘Service Provider of the Year’ award acknowledges an organization’s leadership in service support infrastructure and customer value. Judging criteria involves Frost & Sullivan analysts measuring market penetration, leadership in customer value, growth strategy and implementation, in addition to product and service innovation.

“Schneider Electric’s sophisticated product and service offerings enable energy savings in not only data centers, but also in homes, and commercial and industrial sectors. These factors, and the organization’s outstanding revenue growth, reaffirmed our decision to award Schneider Electric as 2012’s ‘UPS Vendor of the Year’ and ‘Service Provider of the Year’ for Southeast Asia. They have demonstrated a rich product portfolio including green solutions and high efficiency power quality products and services to address the major challenges in the market”, said Amit Singh, Senior Research Analyst, Asia Pacific Energy & Power Systems Practice, Frost & Sullivan.

Both Philippe Arsonneau, Senior Vice President for Schneider Electric’s APJ IT Business Unit and TS Khoo, Vice President for Schneider Electric’s ASEAN’s IT Business accepted an award each. Philippe Arsonneau, who received the UPS Vendor of the Year award, shared the company’s continued and dedicated energy management efforts.

“As an accredited industry consultant, Schneider Electric has been working with customers across APJ to highlight the importance of energy management. By implementing integrated energy management solutions in industrial, commercial, or data centre sectors, we save a significant portion of the world’s final energy consumption. This is our focus and an area we pride ourselves on,” commented Philippe Arsonneau.

He continued, “The recognition from Frost & Sullivan with these two awards is a great fillip to our company and we look forward to the exciting times ahead. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond receiving our awards this evening – it is about ensuring our customers’ IT ‘health’, growth and success in the region.”

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practice Awards identify exemplary achievements, best practices and world-class performances in a multitude of industries and disciplines.

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