Lenovo helps boost SMBs productivity with Lenovo Solutions

25 Oct

Lenovo recently hosted a group interview session to talk about their business-oriented solutions, the Lenovo Solutions Center (LSC) and Lenovo Solutions for Small Business (LSSB). The LSC and LSSB provide small-business owners a virtual help desk that monitors the PC and provides tips and alerts. With these tools, SMB owners can invest a limited amount of time setting these tools, focus more time on their business and have the peace of mind that their Lenovo computers are being self-managed.

Lenovo Solutions for Small Business (LSSB) helps enhance PC security and user productivity. Software monitor ensures that critical software system is always running while after hours maintenance feature allows business owners to designate maintenance tasks such as software updates, backup, disk defragmentation, deletion of cookies or temporary Internet files to be carried out after work hours. Energy saver feature ensures that PCs are shut down off during off hours so it consumes less energy which saves SMB owners money and with the USB Blocker feature, small business owners can have the peace of mind that their confidential and sensitive files are protected by blocking the use of specific USB devices from connecting to their system.

The Lenovo Solutions Center (LSC) is designed to keep PC running at peak performance, to improve the user and business experience. It assesses software and hardware, diagnoses issues and provides tips to fix potential problems before they impact the business and can also be used to schedule backups, create recovery media, update software and manage virus protection, firewall and passwords

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